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Nonemployer Statistics

Data for Nonemployers in the United States, States, Counties, and Metropolitan Areas.

Availability: Available on CD-ROM (see listing below), print-on-demand, HTML tables, comma delimited files, or online in PDF format. Reports in PDF format may also be purchased from the Customer Services Center as a print-on-demand item. Contact a Customer Service representative 301-763-INFO (4636) for ordering information.

Format: dBase III+; disc has "GO" display-retrieval and EXTRACT software.

Subject content: Nonemployer Statistics summarizes the number of establishments and sales or receipts of companies with no paid employees. These nonemployers are typically self-employed individuals or partnerships operating businesses that they have not chosen to incorporate. (Self-employed owners of incorporated businesses typically pay themselves wages or salary, so that the business is an employer.)

Because payroll tax records are at the heart of the Census Bureau's system for keeping track of businesses between censuses, nonemployers do not get census questionnaires and are not reflected in any of the other Core Business Statistics reports or detailed sector-specific reports. (Nonemployers are, however, included in "all firms" totals in reports on minority- and women-owned business.)

In terms of sales or receipts, nonemployers account for roughly 3% of business activity. At the same time nonemployers account for nearly 3/4 of all businesses. Most nonemployer businesses are very small, and many are not the primary source of income for their owners.

Geography: U.S., States, Counties, and Metropolitan Areas.

Census contact: Customer Services (orders), 301-763-INFO (4636); Economic Planning and Coordination Division (content) 301-763-2580.


Nonemployer Statistics: 1997-2001 C1-E01-NOEM-17-US1

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