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1980 Census of Population and Housing: Public Law 94-171

Availability: CD-ROM.

Product ID: C1-D80-PLF1-06-US1

Subject content: Provides population tabulations for all States for legislative reapportionment and redistricting. Files contain the final population counts classified by race and Spanish origin. For each area, the file presents the following data items: total population; race (White; Black; American Indian, Eskimo, and Aleut; Asian and Pacific Islander; and Other); and a separate count of Spanish/Hispanic origin or descent.

Geography: States, counties, minor civil division (MCD) or census county divisions (CCD), places, election precincts (in States that participated in the voluntary program), census tracts, block numbering areas, block groups, blocks, and enumeration districts in areas that did not have block numbers.

File format & Software: Flat ASCII, no software; Files are compressed and can be unzipped using standard unzipping software such as that found at (etc.).

Census contact: Customer Services, 301-763-INFO (4636)

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