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1980 Census of Population and Housing: Summary Tape File 3B

Data by 5-digit ZIP codes!

Availability: CD-ROM. Replaces C2-D80-S3BZ-06-US1, which added missing files for Connecticut omitted from C1-D80-S3BZ-06-US1. Current file adds no changes to files, just adds a copy of the technical documentation.

Product ID: C3-D80-S3BZ-06-US1

Subject content: Contains sample data based on the sample or "long form" questionnaire. weighted to represent the total population. In addition, the file contains 100-percent counts and unweighted sample counts for total persons and total housing units.

Population items: Age, race, sex, marital status, Spanish origin, household relationship, school enrollment, years of school completed, nativity and place of birth, language other than English spoken at home and ability to speak English, ancestry, residence in 1975, labor force status in1979, income, veteran status, work and transportation disability status, and more.

Housing Items: Number of units at address, complete plumbing facilities, number of rooms, tenure, vacancy status, value, rent, number of units in structure, year structure built, source of water, farm residence, sewage disposal, heating and cooking fuel, kitchen facilities, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, number of vehicles, and more.

Geography: Five-digit ZIP codes areas within county for states and Standard Metropolitan Statistical Areas.

File format & software: Flat ASCII, no software; files are compressed and can be unzipped using standard unzipping software such as that found at (etc.). Files are intended for advanced users. Programming or database skills needed.

Census contact: Customer Services Center (orders) 301-763-4636 (INFO); Demographic Call Center (content), 301-763-2422, or toll-free at 1-866-758-1060

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