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1990 Census of Population and Housing: Modified Age/Race, Sex and Hispanic Origin Files (MARS)

Availability: DVD containing 1990 modified age/race and sex data (MARS) previously released as four separate files: STF-S-2A, STF-S-2B, STF-S-3, and STF-S-4. This product is for all four MARS products.

Product ID: V1-D90-MAR1-06-US1

Contents: There were 9,804,847 "Other race" persons counted in the 1990 census. These people were not included in one of the 15 racial categories listed on the census form. The existence of this group is inconsistent with the race categories defined by the OMB Directive 15.

The MARS files provide data from the 1990 census that has been "modified" to assign each of the persons in the "other race" category to a specific race. This was done to make the census data consistent with the four race categories (within Hispanic or Not Hispanic) used in other census surveys White; Black; Asian and Pacific Islander; and American Indian, Eskimo, and Aleut.

Age data were modified to more accurately reflect the actual age of respondents on April 1, 1991. There was a tendency of persons to round their age to the next year if they were close to having their birthday. This adjustment was especially necessary for ages 0 to 1 because there may have been more rounding up to age 1 to avoid reporting age as 0 years. age in completed months was not collected for infants under age 1.

Technical Documentation included free with purchase.

Note: The disc also contains STF-S-1 Population and Housing Unit Counts with data on total population, group quarters population, total housing units, and vacant housing units for states, counties, county subdivisions, place, and American Indian and Alaska Native areas.

Modified Age/Race, Sex & Hispanic Origin File - MARS - STF-S-2A Rel. 4/92 Geography: States, counties, and census tracts/block numbering areas (BNA's)

Modified Age/Race, Sex and Hispanic Origin - MARS - STF-S-2B Geography: States, counties, minor civil division (MCD's) in New England states, MCD's of 2,500 or more in six states (MI, MN, NJ, NY, PA and WI)

Modified Age/Race, Sex and Hispanic Origin - MARS - STF-S-3 Geography: Counties with state totals

Modified Age/Race, Sex and Hispanic Origin - MARS - STF-S-4 Geography: Places of 2,500 or more

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