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Census 2000 Public Use Microdata Sample, PUMS 1% and 5% on DVD

Software makes it easy for you to customize tabulations!

Availability:  Available on a single DVD containing Beyond 20/20 software. States also available as downloadable ASCII files via FTP (5-percent files) and FTP (1-percent files).

Product ID and Pricing: V1-D00-PUMS-08-US1; Released December 31, 2003.

Subject Content: DVD containing both the 1-percent and 5-percent PUMS files providing individual records of responses to questionnaires with unique identifiers (names, address, etc.) removed so the confidentiality of respondents is protected. These files enable users to produce their own tabulations within the limits of the data provided.

The PUMS files contain geographic units called super-Public Use Microdata Areas (super-PUMAs), a new geographic entity for Census 2000. Super-PUMAs are areas designed for use with the 1-percent sample files and must have 400,000 or more people. They were created to identify substate areas that met the Census Bureau's standards ensuring confidentiality for use in analysis of microdata. In all, 62 outline maps, available online and Print-on-Demand, depict the 540 super-PUMAs found in the United States and Puerto Rico. For the 5-percent files, the Census Bureau defined PUMAs (minimum of 100,000 people) providing even smaller substate areas for analysis. Outline maps for the 2,101 PUMAs in the United States and Puerto Rico are available online.

Each state is separately identified and may be comprised of one or more super-PUMAs or PUMAs. Large metropolitan areas may be subdivided into super-PUMAs and PUMAs. PUMs and Super-PUMAs do not cross state lines.

Geography: U.S., states, Public Use Microdata Areas (PUMAs) and Super Public Use Microdata Areas (Super-PUMAs) where appropriate.

File Format & Software: ASCII, with Beyond 20/20/software.

Census Contact: Demographic Call Center (content), 301-763-2422 or toll-free at 1-866-758-1060; the Customer Services Center (orders), 301-763-INFO (4636)

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