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Survey of Program Dynamics

Online access to Survey of Program Dynamics data.


Availability: CD-ROMs containing detailed microdata from the Survey of Program Dynamics (SPD). Microdata files include information at the person, family, or household level with identifying information removed to protect the confidentiality of the records. Technical documentation in PDF format and on the CD-ROMs.

Subject content: The Survey of Program Dynamics is a longitudinal, demographic survey designed to collect data on the economic, household, and social characteristics of a nationally representative sample of the U.S. population over time. It collects data on age, sex, race, Hispanic origin, marital status, education, veteran status, work status, income, and non-cash benefits (e.g., food stamps).

The survey measures the impact of welfare reform legislation on welfare participants and compares their situations with the rest of the country.

It was designed to create a longitudinal database spanning a ten-year period, with three components: information collected in the 1992 and 1993 panels of the Survey of Income and Program Participation; information collected in 1997 using a modified version of the March Current Population Survey; and information collected from 1998 to 2002 using the SPD instrument.

File format: Compressed ASCII with no software. Note: Files can be unzipped using standard unzipping software such as that found at

Census contact: Customer Services (orders) 301-763-INFO (4636); Demographic Surveys Division, Continuing Surveys Branch (content) 301-763-1616.

Product ID

Survey of Program Dynamics Cross-Sectional File: 2002 | C1-P02-SPDC-06-US1

Survey of Program Dynamics Cross-Sectional File: 2001 | C1-P01-SPDC-03-US1

Survey of Program Dynamics Cross-Sectional File: 2000 | C1-P00-SPDC-03-US1

Survey of Program Dynamics Cross-Sectional File: 1999 | C1-P99-SPDC-06-US1

Survey of Program Dynamics Experimental File: 1998 | C1-P98-SPDX-03-US1

Survey of Program Dynamics Experimental File: 1997 | C1-P97-SPDX-03-US1

Survey of Program Dynamics Second Longitudinal File: 1992-1994 & 1996-1999 | C1-P99-SPDL-06-US1

Survey of Program Dynamics First Longitudinal File: 1992-1994 & 1996-1997 | C1-P92-SPDL-04-US1

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