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Data Tools Table [PDF] – Having trouble knowing which Census Bureau data tool to use? This guide lists the more commonly used data tools to help you determine the appropriate one for your needs. We have identified under each tool the information accessible within it, including census and survey content, geographies, and when you might select the tool. Presentation [PDF]

Acronyms and Abbreviations [PDF] – The Census Bureau uses acronyms and abbreviations for many of their programs, datasets, tables, data tools and subject areas. Listed here are the more frequently used with a link to some additional acronyms found on our site http://www.census.gov/procur/www/acronyms.html.


September 17, 2013 – Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance Webinar (Media)
The U.S. Census Bureau held a Web conference today to announce that the 2012, real median household income and the poverty rate were not statistically different from the previous year, while the percentage of people without health insurance coverage decreased.
https://censusevent.webex.com/censusevent/lsr.php?RCID=b737ae07ef29d3cc47668af038aca405 Link to a non-federal Web site | Transcript [PDF]


September 12, 2013 – ACS Technical Webinar (Media)
The Census Bureau held a Web conference to discuss the Sept.19 release of 2012 American Community Survey statistics. The webinar included information about the topics that will be available as well as step-by step guidance on how to access the upcoming statistics, compare geographies and compare statistics over time.
https://censusevent.webex.com/censusevent/lsr.php?RCID=97a4f800da844a37bd3fe77f39d11269  Link to a non-federal Web site | Transcript [PDF]


September 11, 2013 – Administration on Aging with ACS – Special Tabulation on Aging
This webinar is a general overview of the American Community Survey and how the Administration on Aging uses this information for their special tabulation on aging.
https://census.webex.com/census/ldr.php?RCID=164436371b303afc150266ad3a11ccb7 Link to a non-federal Web site  |  Presentation [PDF]


July 11, 2013 – Using Data to Apply for a Grant
In this webinar, the presenter uses a grant scenario to show users how to access population, housing, economic and geographic data from American FactFinder using the Guided and Advanced Search.
https://census.webex.com/census/lsr.php?RCID=e93d725369823a5ed40baacc17df48b0  Link to a non-federal Web site


June 20, 2013 – On The Map Webinar
https://census.webex.com/census/ldr.php?RCID=e614e361acc94bdd50c6acac9168682b  Link to a non-federal Web site


American Community Survey (ACS) Overview [PDF] (Presentation)


State & County QuickFacts Data Access (Tutorial)


County Business Patterns Data Access (Tutorial)


Accessing Ancestry Statistics (Tutorial)


Race & Ethnicity Data Access Tutorial (Tutorial)


How Do I Locate Information About My Community? (Tutorial)

Data Dissemination Program

DDP ACS Tips & Tricks
Already familiar with the American Community Survey, come join us to learn what tips and tricks will make your navigating and using the data easier.
https://census.webex.com/census/ldr.php?RCID=bf2b683c54c79995e2cecbab93aae0b4  Link to a non-federal Web site


DDP Data Ferrett Session 1 - Intro to Data Ferrett
Search and retrieve data across federal, state, and local surveys. Execute customized variable recoding, create complex tabulations and business graphics. Get access to Current Population Survey, Survey of Income and Program Participation, American Community Survey, American Housing Survey, Small Area Income Poverty Estimates, Population Estimates, Economic Census Area wide Statistics, National Center for Health Statistics data, Centers for Disease Control data, and more.
https://census.webex.com/census/ldr.php?RCID=fb8197efb8ad5967c1294b05383098ce Link to a non-federal Web site

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