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This page contains free trainings that have been previously recorded and are available for use at your convenience. Select a topic below to see available training.


  • Age searchAge Search
    Learn how to obtain a certified census record as proof of birth for passport application or other official uses.
  • Data access toolsData Access Tools
    Understand Census Bureau statistics and learn how to use the various access tools to obtain the data you need.
  • Cargo shipsForeign Trade
    Get up-to-date information on Foreign Trade Regulations and learn about imports, exports and classification codes.
  • PeoplePeople
    Learn about the people of the United States—age, ancestry, education, housing, employment, families and more.
  • Retail workerBusiness
    Learn about U.S. businesses—ownership, services, revenues, construction, sales, manufacturing and more.
  • GPS and mapGeography
    Understand geographic areas, terms, concepts, products and mapping tools associated with Census Bureau statistics.
  • alphabetsAlphabetical Listing
    View our Training Resources Library alphabetically.
  • emailFeedback
    Send an email to let us know how we are doing.
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