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Telephone Trends

June 1, 2014

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Profile America — Sunday, June 1st. The first public phone booth was installed on this date in 1880 in New Haven, Connecticut, just four years after the telephone was invented. These first public telephones were supervised by attendants, while those operated by coins came along nine years later. Today, it's rare to see a pay phone beyond transportation terminals, but the latest models have computer-like features, and worldwide, some booths are converting to wireless fidelity hot spots. Now, over 97 percent of U.S. households have telephone service, and the number of Americans using cell phones doubled to about 70 percent from 1998 to 2005 and to nearly 91 percent more recently. You can find more facts about America's people, places and economy from the American Community Survey at <>.


Source: U.S. Census Bureau | Public Information Office | Last Revised: May 20, 2014