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A Storied Cereal

August 1, 2014

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Profile America — Friday, August 1st. If you shop the cereal aisle in your supermarket, you'll see dozens of brands on display, from the sugary and candy-like to high-fiber organic products. One of them has been available for well over 100 years. It was on this date in 1893 that a Denver restaurant owner, Henry Perky, received a patent for the creation shredded wheat. By 1901, he had set up an ultra-modern plant at Niagara Falls, called "the Palace of Light," to make shredded wheat, and the falls became the familiar logo of the cereal, which continues as a Nabisco product. In the U.S. today, there are 217 breakfast cereal manufacturing establishments, which combined gross over $22 billion in annual sales. You can find current data on the country's economy by downloading the America's Economy mobile application at <>.

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Source: U.S. Census Bureau | Public Information Office | Last Revised: July 30, 2014