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Travel and Tourism Spending, Paul Kern, BEA

Friday, July 5, 2013 at 9:15 a.m. EDT

Paul Kern, branch chief on travel and tourism at the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) discusses statistics about travel and tourism spending and employment.

Biography: Paul Kern

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Slide 1
Slide 1:
Vacation time and work trips: What's spent on travel and tourism? [PDF]
Slide 2
Slide 2:
How much is spent on travel and tourism? [PDF]
Slide 3
Slide 3:
How does the travel and tourism industry track against the overall economy? [PDF]
Slide 4
Slide 4:
Which part of travel and tourism grew recently? [PDF]
Slide 5
Slide 5:
How does travel and tourism compare to other industries? [PDF]
Slide 6
Slide 6:
Are Americans traveling more for business or for leisure? [PDF]
Slide 7
Slide 7:
Where are the tourism jobs? [PDF]
Slide 8
Slide 8:
Where are international visitors to the U.S coming from? [PDF]
Slide 9
Slide 9:
How much are international visitors spending while visiting the U.S.? [PDF]
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Slide 10:

Does travel and tourism add or subtract to our trade deficit?
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Slide 11:
How does the value of the U.S. dollar affect tourism? [PDF]

Sources of Information:
Recent release: Monday, June 24, 2013,
Travel and Tourism Spending Outpaced Growth in the Overall Economy in the First Quarter of 2013

Additional Information:
- U.S. Tourism Industry Spending Outpacing National GDP Growth: US Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), International Business Times Link to a non-federal Web site
- Travel and tourism spending up in the first quarter of 2013, Denver Post Link to a non-federal Web site
- Tourism Spending Posts Fastest Growth in Two Years, Wall Street Journal Link to a non-federal Web site

Source: U.S. Census Bureau | Public Information Office | | Last Revised: July 05, 2013