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Thomas Mule

Mathematical Statistician, Decennial Statistical Studies Division
U.S. Census Bureau

Thomas Mule is a mathematical statistician in the Decennial Statistical Studies Division.

While at the Census Bureau, he has worked on the Accuracy and Coverage Evaluation survey to measure coverage of the 2000 Census. He has authored numerous reports on census coverage, including estimates of person duplication. He has presented his work at numerous professional meetings and conferences. Mule has conducted extensive research over the past decade on using logistic regression approaches instead of post-stratification for dual system estimation at the Census Bureau. For the 2010 Census Coverage Measurement Survey, he helped develop the sample design and estimation methodology and led the team that produced the survey-based coverage estimates.

Mule received a bachelor's degree in statistics from the University of Connecticut and a master's degree in survey methodology from the Joint Program of Survey Methodology.

He lives in Bowie, Md., with his wife and two sons.

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