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Gary Blackmer

Portland City Auditor

Gary Blackmer was elected as Portland's City Auditor in 1998, and was sworn in for his first term of office in January 1999. In May of this year he was elected to a third four-year term that began in January 2007. The City Auditor is the sixth elected official in Portland City government, along with the Mayor and four City Commissioners. As an auditor that is accountable to the voters of Portland, the City Auditor is administratively independent from the Mayor and other City Council members. This allows the Office of the City Auditor to audit city government departments and programs, as well as providing other services that require a level of independence.

Before his election as City Auditor, Gary was the elected Multnomah County Auditor for two four-year terms, where he also conducted performance auditing. Prior to that he was a senior management auditor in Portland for several years, a management analyst with the Multnomah County Sherriff's Office, and performed contract research work for a variety of state and local agencies.

The City Auditor heads the 65-member Office of the City Auditor, which is responsible for conducting performance audits of the city operations, serving as the city clerk, preparing the city council agenda, managing city records and archives, providing hearings officers to adjudicate appeals of city actions, handling complaints against the city and collecting liens on property. For more information about the other divisions of the City Auditor's Office, besides the Audit Services Division, you can go to the main City Auditor's web page.

Among the divisions of the Auditors' Office is the Audit Services Division, which is headed by the Director of Audit Services. The director and staff of the Audit Services Division perform the City Auditor's Charter and Code mandated auditing functions.

Gary has served as Chair of the Northwest Intergovernmental Audit Forum. He also served as President of the National Association of Local Government Auditors.

Gary holds a bachelor's degree from Northern Illinois University, and was a full-time PhD student in the Systems Science Program at Portland State University for two years.

He became a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) in 1988, and is a member of the Institute of Internal Auditors and the Association of Local Government Auditors.

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