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Statistics on the Haitian Population

Statistics on the Haitian Population — On Friday, Jan. 15, the Census Bureau updated the Emergency Preparedness page on its Web site with information about the population of Haiti and the Haitian population in the United States <>. **UPDATE** The Emergency Preparedness page has been updated today with a link to an interactive map showing the geographic distribution of the population of Haiti, based on publicly available information and providing population and housing data for areas chosen by the user: <>. (If you click on this link and experience difficulty connecting with the map site, please try copying the URL and pasting it into your browser address bar.)

When accessing the map on this site, click on the following statement to zoom in on areas of interest and to draw a polygon around them: “Click to explore demographic data.” When you have drawn a polygon to display an area, its estimated population and area will appear. Click on “Show 2003 census data,” and then click on one of the blue areas that appear to view the geographic, population and housing data for the sections completely or partially contained within the polygon. To download the data set used to provide underlying information on this site, click on the link: “Click to download population estimates and administrative boundaries.”

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