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May 7, 2010 TP10-10


2010 Census

2010 Census Blogs — Get the latest news about the census on several key blogs on the 2010 Census Web site. For example, the “2010 Census Director's Blog” provides updates from Census Bureau Director Robert Groves. <http://2010.census.gov/2010census/>


Geographical Mobility: 2009 — Data from the Current Population Survey present national-level data on who moves, how far and why. Data are broken out by regions, race, income level, owners vs. renters and more. Included as well are historical tables on the mover rate. Also included are historical tables. (Scheduled for release in mid-May.)

Voting and Registration in the Election of November 2008 — This report examines levels of voting and registration in the most recent presidential election, the characteristics of citizens who reported either registering or voting in the election and the reasons why some registered individuals did not vote. The data are based on the November 2008 Current Population Survey. (Scheduled for release in May.)

The Next Four Decades: The Older Population in the United States: 2010 to 2050 — In time to commemorate Older Americans Month, this report presents information on how the age structure of the overall population and composition of the older population in terms of age, sex, race and Hispanic origin are expected to change over the next four decades. The report provides an analysis of national population projections tables originally released in August 2008. (Scheduled for release in late May.)

Coastline Population Trends in the United States: 1960 to 2008 — As a new hurricane season approaches, this historical report uses a combination of decennial census data and population estimates to examine population trends in the nation's coastline counties. Specifically, it analyzes trends in coastline population growth and decline, geographic distribution and density. It also incorporates historical data on the trajectories of hurricanes striking the U.S. coastlines to gauge the coastline population's recent experience with hurricanes. (Tentatively scheduled for release in May.)

Estimates of National and State Population by Age, Sex, Race and Hispanic Origin: July 1, 2009 — Is the nation getting younger or older? Which states have the oldest residents? Which states have more men than women? How rapidly is the minority population growing nationally and in each state? Or is it growing at all? National- and state-level population estimates cross-tabulated by these demographic characteristics provide the answers. These are the last population estimates the Census Bureau will publish before the release of the official 2010 Census counts early next year. (Tentatively scheduled for release in early June.)


2008 Information and Communication Technology Survey — This survey provides national level data on spending for information and communication technology equipment and computer software by U.S. businesses. Data are broken out by noncapitalized and capitalized spending and by sector. The survey has been released annually since 2003. (Tentatively scheduled for release in May).

2007 Economic Census: Manufacturing Geographic Area Series — This is a series of state, county, place and metro area data files on the manufacturing sector (NAICS 31). These include data for industries such as bottled water, plastic bottles, breakfast cereal, retail bakery products, mobile homes, nitrogenous fertilizers and others. The files provide data on the number of establishments, payroll, number of employees and other data items by industry. These data will be released through May 2010. (Tentatively scheduled for release in May.)

Facts for Features

20th Anniversary of Americans with Disabilities Act — To commemorate the July 26, 1990, signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act into law, the Census Bureau presents a wide array of statistical information about people with disabilities. (Scheduled for release May 26.)



Profile America and Al Día (Spanish) for May and June — Profile America segments range from a blast from the past in “Mount St. Helens” (May 18) to pomp and circumstance in “Graduation” (June 3).

The daily features are available at <http://www.census.gov/multimedia/www/radio/>, with download options for MP3 (including podcast subscription) and WAV files, or zip files for the entire month (MP3).

Recently Released

(Since April 23, 2010)

2010 Census

2010 Census Event in Los Angeles — April 30 — Director Robert M. Groves appeared with California acting Lt. Gov. Mona Pasquil on Friday, April 30, at 10:30 a.m. at Crenshaw High School in Los Angeles to honor students who made videos to encourage participation in the 2010 Census.
Internet address: <http://2010.census.gov/news/press-kits/operational-press-briefing/may-3-2010.html>.

Census Takers Begin Visiting Households Across the Nation — April 30 — On May 1, hundreds of thousands of census takers, also called enumerators, began the monumental task of going to every household in the country that either did not return or did not receive a census form. The enumerators, who have been hired from local communities, carry an official badge and shoulder bag. The census taker will complete the questionnaire, which should take about 10 minutes. If no one is home, a “notice of visit” will be left at the door inviting the resident to call the census taker to complete the form over the phone.
Internet address: <http://2010.census.gov/news/releases/operations/door-to-door-visits-begin.html>.

2010 Census Operations News Briefings — April 29 — On Wednesday, April 28, U.S. Census Bureau Director Robert Groves announced how well America responded to the once-a-decade census by mailing back their 2010 Census forms. Groves discussed how the rates compare by factors such as geography, race and age. On Monday, May 3, also at the National Press Club in Washington, Groves provided updates on 2010 Census nonresponse follow-up operations under way across the country.
Internet address: <http://www.census.gov/newsroom/releases/archives/2010_census/cb10-cn57.html>.

Census Bureau Announces Final National 2010 Census Mail Participation Rates — April 28 — In 2010, slightly more than 72 percent of U.S. household mailed back their census forms, the same rate that was achieved in 2000. States with the highest participation rates included Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Indiana.
Internet address: <http://2010.census.gov/news/releases/operations/the-numbers-are-in.html>.

Nine Additional States Match or Exceed 2000 Census Mail Participation Rates — April 28 — Nine additional states have met or exceeded their 2000 Census mail participation rates for the 2010 Census, bringing the total number of states to 28 that reached that milestone. Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico both surpassed their 2000 rates as well.
Internet address: <http://2010.census.gov/news/releases/operations/additional-states.html>.

American Community Survey

New Census Bureau Report Analyzes Nation's Linguistic Diversity — April 27 — The number of people 5 and older who spoke a language other than English at home has more than doubled in the last three decades and at a pace four times greater than the nation's population growth, according to data from the 2007 American Community Survey and over a time period from 1980 to 2007.
Internet address: <http://www.census.gov/newsroom/releases/archives/american_community_survey_acs/cb10-cn58.html>.


Finances of Selected State and Local Government Employee Retirement Systems: 4th Quarter 2009 — April 29 — This quarterly survey provides national summary data on the revenues, expenditures and composition of assets of the 100 largest state and local public employee retirement systems in the United States. These 100 systems comprise 89.4 percent of financial activity among such entities, based on the 2007 Census of Governments. This survey presents the most current data about investment decisions by state and local public employee retirement systems, which are among the largest types of institutional investors in the U.S. financial markets. These data tables are published four months after each calendar quarter and show national financial transactions and trends for the past six years.
Internet address: <http://www.census.gov/newsroom/releases/archives/miscellaneous/2010-04-29_miscellaneous.html>.

A Profile of U.S. Exporting Companies, 2007-2008 — April 23 — In 2008, “identified exporters” numbered 288,700 companies and accounted for $1.1 trillion in exports, 89 percent of the total value of exported goods. These data come from a recent report on the characteristics of these companies, such as company type, employment size and country of destination. “Identified exporters” are companies that can be linked to export transactions. (Not all export shipments can be linked to specific companies.)
Internet address: <http://www.census.gov/foreign-trade/Press-Release/edb/2008/>.

Facts for Features

The Fourth of July — May 5 — The Census Bureau wishes the nation a happy birthday by igniting a charge of fun and interesting data. A collection of statistics on subjects such as flags, fireworks and food usher in the nation's 234th birthday.
Internet address: <http://www.census.gov/newsroom/releases/archives/facts_for_features_special_editions/cb10-ff12.html>.



Profile America and Al Día (Spanish) for April — Profile America segments included a moving experience in“Richter Scale” (April 26) and celebrating a population surge in “Asian American Month” (May 2). Internet address: <http://www.census.gov/multimedia/www/radio/profile_america/>.


The Story of the 2010 Census — The U.S. Census Bureau has reached out to America to communicate about the importance of the 2010 Census. This promotional activities ranging from a Road Tour, to a national advertising campaign, to public service announcements, 72 percent of residents mailing back their census forms by April 1. The next phase of operations involves census takers going who have not returned their forms.
Internet address: <http://2010.census.gov/mediacenter/>.

2010 Census Public Service Announcements for Crenshaw High — Check out the 2010 PSA contest winners from Crenshaw High School in Los Angeles.
Internet address: <http://2010.census.gov/mediacenter/>.

Open Your Door to a Census Taker — This television ad is a part of the national advertising campaign for the 2010 Census, the most extensive and diverse outreach campaign in U.S. history, with advertisements appearing in 28 languages.
Internet address: <http://2010.census.gov/mediacenter/>.

News releases, reports, statistical tables and radio transcripts are available on the Public Information Office’s Web page at <http://www.census.gov/newsroom/>. Questions or comments should be directed to the Census Bureau’s Public Information Office at 301-763-3030; or email <pio@census.gov>.
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