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Census Bureau Tip Sheet

A product of the U.S. Census Bureau's Public Information Office

Feb. 10, 2012 TP12-03


2010 Census

2010 Census Summary File 2 — This file provides detailed demographic information from the 2010 Census for up to 331 detailed race and ethnic groups down to the census tract level, adding a new layer of detail to the population and housing topics previously released from the census. The statistics are being released on a state-by-state flow basis and will be offered on embargo. For more information on the release process, visit the Summary File 2 press kit. (Scheduled for release through May 2012.)


Education Products — Five sets of statistics addressing education are being released simultaneously. This includes Educational Attainment in the United States: 2011, a collection of national-level tables from the Current Population Survey that present statistics on the highest level of education achieved by various demographic characteristics. The other sets being released include Educational Attainment in the United States: 2009, a report that shows the monthly employment rates by educational attainment during the last recession; Field of Bachelor's Degree in the United States: 2009, the first report to examine results from the American Community Survey question that asked bachelor's degree holders to indicate their specific major; What It's Worth: Field of Training and Economic Status in 2009, a report that examines the relationship between educational attainment, fields of study, and eventual occupation and earnings; and a working paper on GED program recipients. (Scheduled for release at a webinar Feb. 23.)


Economic Indicators — The Census Bureau releases statistics that provide monthly, quarterly and yearly updates on key measures of the nation's economic condition. Upcoming releases include advance monthly sales for retail and food services, manufacturing and trade inventories and sales and new residential construction. For the latest releases and schedule, go to <>.

Profile America — Facts for Features

Women's History Month (March) — In commemoration of this annual observance highlighting and celebrating the varied and historic accomplishments of women, this edition provides statistical information on topics such as earnings, education, business ownership, voting, occupations, military service and marriage. (Scheduled for release in February.)

42nd Earth Day: April 22, 2012 — This day, intended to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth's natural environment, is recognized each year by more than 1 billion people in nearly 200 countries, making it the largest civic observance in the world. This edition of Profile America Facts for Features includes Census Bureau statistics pertaining to energy and the environment. (Scheduled for release in February.)



Profile America and Al Día (Spanish) for February — Upcoming segments include striking a pose in “First Presidential Picture” (Feb. 17) and showing some legume love in “Peanuts” (March 7).

The daily features are available at <>, with download options for MP3 (including podcast subscription) and WAV or zip files for the entire month (MP3).

Recently Released

(Released since Jan. 27, 2012)

2010 Census

Island Areas: Housing Unit Counts — Feb. 9 — The Census Bureau released housing unit counts from the 2010 Census for American Samoa, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The demographic profiles for the Island Areas are planned for release this summer, and the summary files are planned for release in the fall. The housing unit counts and other information about the Island Areas can be found on the Island Areas press kit page at <>.

Census Bureau and National Urban League Host Forum on Black Population— Feb. 1 — The U.S. Census Bureau hosted a forum with the National Urban League on the black population at Black Entertainment Television studios. This event highlighted statistics from the 2010 Census, providing a portrait of the black population in the U.S. Following the presentation, an expert panel discussed the statistics and their implications. Internet address: <>.


2010 Annual Capital Expenditures — Feb. 8 — These data, based on the 2007 North American Industry Classification System, estimate business spending in 2010 for new and used structures and equipment at the sector level, as well as for three-digit and selected four-digit industries. The data provide the private sector, especially the business community, with a relevant, timely and accurate measure of current business conditions. These statistics are an important input for federal agencies constructing composite national economic measures, such as the Bureau of Economic Analysis' estimates of private-fixed investments, a major component of gross domestic product; the Bureau of Labor Statistics' estimates of capital stocks for productivity analysis; and the Federal Reserve Board's Flow of Funds accounts. Internet address: <>.

2010 Service Annual Survey — Feb. 2 — This annual business survey provides the most comprehensive national statistics available on service activity in the United States (NAICS sectors 22, 48-49, 51, 52, 53, 54, 56, 61, 62, 71 and 81). Shows operating revenue for both taxable and tax-exempt firms and organizations; sources of revenue and expenses by type for selected industries; operating expenses for tax-exempt firms; and selected industry-specific items. In addition, starting with the 1999 survey, e-commerce data were collected for all industries, and export and inventory data were collected for selected industries. Internet address: <>.

Annual Survey of Public Employment and Payroll Summary Report: 2010 — Jan. 30 — This summary report provides statistics from the revised 2010 estimates for the employment of the nation's 90,000 state and local governments. It shows data on the number of state and local government civilian employees and their gross payrolls for the month of March 2010. Statistics include government functions such as education, fire protection, and police protection. Data are available for the nation and individual states. Internet address: <>.



Profile America and Al Día (Spanish) for January and February — Profile America segments included a push for the mush in “Oatmeal” (Jan. 28) and a hot topic in “Watching the Thermostat” (Feb. 8). Internet address: <>.

News releases, reports, statistical tables and radio transcripts are available on the Public Information Office’s Web page at <>. Questions or comments should be directed to the Census Bureau’s Public Information Office at 301-763-3030; or email <>.
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