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Census Bureau Tip Sheet

A product of the U.S. Census Bureau's Public Information Office

Sept. 20, 2013 TP13-19


2013 Product Calendar — The Census Bureau has posted anticipated release dates for each regular and recurring statistical product expected to be released in 2013. The products are listed in the Census Bureau's online product calendar, which will be updated as needed throughout the year.


HIV/AIDS Database Update — This compilation of data from 219 countries and areas on the prevalence of HIV infection and AIDS cases and deaths is updated to include new data for more than 100 countries. Major updates include new data for China, Ghana, Ethiopia, India and Cameroon. The database focuses on HIV/AIDS surveillance data for countries and areas with at least 5,000 population, with the exception of Northern America (including the United States) and U.S. territories. Public health surveillance involves the collection, analysis and use of data to provide public health prevention resources where needed. (Scheduled for release Sept. 25.)


Summary of the Quarterly Survey of Public Pensions for 2013: 2nd Quarter — This quarterly survey provides national summary statistics on the revenues, expenditures and composition of assets of the 100 largest state and local public employee retirement systems in the United States. These 100 systems comprise 89.4 percent of financial activity among such entities, based on the 2007 Census of Governments. This survey presents the most current statistics about investment decisions by state and local public employee retirement systems, which are among the largest types of institutional investors in the U.S. financial markets. These statistical tables are published three months after each calendar quarter and show national financial transactions and trends for the past five years. For more information, please visit <>. (Scheduled for release Sept. 23.)

Quarterly Summary of State and Local Government Tax Revenue for 2013: 2nd Quarter — This summary shows quarterly tax revenue statistics on property, sales, license, income and other taxes. Statistics are shown for individual state governments as well as national estimates of total state and local taxes, including 12-month calculations. This quarterly survey has been conducted continuously since 1962. Internet address: <>. (Scheduled for release on Sept. 24.)

Government Organization Summary Report: 2012 and Individual State Descriptions — The updated counts of governments are a complete enumeration of state and local governments that were in existence on June 30, 2012. These counts are an update to the August 2012 preliminary release and reflect the final enumeration of governments from the 2012 Census of Governments. Conducted every five years, the census of governments provides the only uniform source of statistics for the nation's state and local governments. These statistics allow for in-depth trend analysis of individual governments and provide a complete, comprehensive and authoritative benchmark of state and local government activity.

In conjunction with this release the Individual State Descriptions publication provides summaries of the organizational structure for each state. The summaries are divided according to the five basic types of local governments recognized for the Census Bureau's classification of government entities — county, municipal, township, school district and special district governments. (Scheduled for release on Sept. 26.)

Business Dynamics Statistics Visualization Tool — Online tool which has three major components: an interactive thematic map for the 50 states; interactive bar charts that give side-by-side comparisons of states and sectors and an interactive time series that also gives side-by-side comparisons over a range of time.

Coverage contained in the Business Dynamics Statistics ranges from 1977 to 2011, and provides insight to job creation and loss during the most recent recession and before. Economic measures such as employment, number of establishments and number of firms can be analyzed for a single year or multiple years. (Scheduled for release Oct. 16.)

Facts for Features

Thanksgiving Day: Nov. 28 — This release highlights a wide range of statistics pertaining to the traditional gatherings that take place on this national day of giving thanks. (Scheduled for release Sept. 26.)

Manufacturing Day: Oct. 4 — As part of the nationwide celebration of Manufacturing Day on Oct. 4, this release highlights a wide range of statistics pertaining to the manufacturing industry. Statistics from Census Bureau surveys, such as the County Business Patterns and Annual Survey of Manufactures, are included in the release. (Scheduled for release in early October.)

American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month: November — To commemorate American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage month the Census Bureau has compiled a list of statistics about the American Indians and Alaska Natives. (Scheduled for release in October.)

Veterans Day: Nov. 11 — The Census Bureau will honor those who served in the armed forces by highlighting a wide range of statistical information on U.S. veterans. (Scheduled for release in October.)

Training Opportunities

Census Bureau Offers Training Opportunities — Webinars are available to help the public access and use Census Bureau statistics. These free sessions, lasting about 60 to 90 minutes, show how to use Census databases and mapping tools, find demographic and economic statistics at a local or national level and provide quick links for answers to frequently asked questions about accessing statistics.

The following courses are offered in the next few weeks:

  • Go Global Webinar Series: Understanding Export Regulations - Export Administration Regulations (Tuesday, Sept. 24, 1 p.m. EDT)
  • 2013 Economic Indicator Webinar Series: New Residential Construction and Sales (Wednesday, Sept. 25, 1 p.m. EDT)
  • Accessing Employment Statistics Using "OnTheMap" Webinar (Wednesday, Oct. 2, 1 p.m. EDT)
  • Foreign Trade Regulations Town Hall Webinar (Thursday, Oct. 3, 2 p.m. EDT)
  • Go Global Webinar Series: Avoiding and Solving Problems — International Trade Administration (Tuesday, Oct. 8, 1 p.m. EDT)

Descriptions for each of the upcoming sessions are available on our educational resources page. No registration is needed to join the webinar. Login details will be provided one week before a webinar.



Profile America for September and October — Profile America segments include the feathers in "Chicken Month" (Sept. 24) and a hard cell in "Women's Prison" (Oct. 9).

The daily features are available at <>, with download options for MP3 (including podcast subscription) and WAV or zip files for the entire month (MP3).

"America by the Numbers" on C-SPAN's "Washington Journal" — Tune in each Friday morning to C-SPAN's "America by the Numbers" for insight into key official statistics from the Census Bureau and other statistical agencies. Poverty, childbearing, education, health, the economy - topics discussed focus on the key issues of the day. The program highlights the trends and allows people to call in or email their views. More information is available at <>.


Stay Connected to the Economy with Census Bureau Mobile App — Every week, the Department of Commerce releases key Census Bureau economic indicators. Get the latest business news on-the-go as it is released through the Census Bureau's free, easy-to-use mobile app, America's Economy, available for download for both Apple and Android phones and tablets. The app provides real-time updates for 19 key economic indicators from the Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor Statistics and Bureau of Economic Analysis. Internet address: <>.

Recently Released

(Released since Sept. 6, 2013)

American Community Survey

American Community Survey: 2012 — Sept. 19 — Data collected in 2012 from the nation's most comprehensive survey provide statistics on more than 40 demographic, social, economic and housing topics. Some of the topics covered include income, poverty, health insurance, educational attainment, the commute to work, the foreign-born population, language spoken at home, ancestry, occupation, number of vehicles available and housing costs. These statistics are available for the nation, all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, every congressional district and all counties, places and metropolitan areas with populations of 65,000 or more. In addition to the statistics available from the American FactFinder data tool, a set of analytical briefs with American Community Survey statistics are available on income, poverty and health insurance coverage. The annual American Community Survey gives communities the current information they need to plan investments and services. Internet address: <>.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Employment Reports — Sept. 9 — Two reports examined the characteristics of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math workforce. One highlights changes in STEM employment by sex, race and Hispanic origin from 1970 to 2011. The second report looks at the relationship between science and engineering education and employment in a STEM occupation. Along with the reports, table packages were released. These statistics are based on 2011 American Community Survey data and have not been compiled by the Census Bureau since the 1970s. Internet address: <>. Spanish version: <>.


Characteristics of Same-Sex Couples — Sept. 19 — New household characteristics of opposite-sex and same-sex couples from the 2012 American Community Survey show age of householder and partner, race of householder, interracial couples, labor force participation, educational attainment, presence of children, household income and home ownership. The statistics include the number of same-sex couples, those reported as spouses and unmarried partners by sex of the partners. Internet address: <>.

State-to-State Migration Flows: 2012 — Sept. 19 — The American Community Survey and the Puerto Rico Community Survey ask respondents whether they lived in the same residence one year ago. The state-to-state migration flows are created from tabulations of the current state of residence (including the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico) and the state of residence one year ago. Internet address: <>.

Income, Poverty and Health Insurance Coverage: 2012 On Sept. 17, the Census Bureau announced findings from the official report on income, poverty and health insurance coverage for the nation based on the Annual Social and Economic Supplement to the 2013 Current Population Survey. The findings were presented during a Web conference and the Web conference's slides, remarks and other materials related to the release are available in the press kit. Internet address: <>.

Facts for Features

Halloween Oct. 31 — Sept. 10 — Halloween, which dates back to Celtic rituals thousands of years ago, has today evolved into a community-based celebration characterized by child-friendly activities such as trick-or-treating and carving pumpkins into jack-o'-lanterns. In the spirit of Halloween, this edition of the Census Bureau's Facts for Features presents a wide array of new and updated statistical information. Internet address: <>.



Profile America for September — Profile America included time flies in "Lost Days" (Sept. 12) and swinging in "Single's Week" (Sept. 19). Internet address: <>.

News releases, reports, statistical tables and radio transcripts are available on the Public Information Office’s Web page at <>. Questions or comments should be directed to the Census Bureau’s Public Information Office at 301-763-3030; or email <>.
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