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1990 Census Table 1: Notes

Column Descriptions
  1. Civilian noninstitutional persons 16 to 64.
  2. With a work disability, a mobility limitation, or a self-care limitation.
  3. With a work disability, any severity.
  4. With a work disability, prevented from working.
  5. With a work disability and a mobility limitation.
  6. With a mobility limitation or a self-care limitation.
  7. With a mobility limitation.
  8. With a self-care limitation.
  • SP = Spouse present.
  • Gqs = Group quarters
  • HS = High school
  • LF = Labor force
  • YRFT = Year-round full-time
Other Notes
  1. The poverty universe excludes persons in institutions and persons in military group quarters or college dormitories.
  2. Annual earnings below $11,570 were considered "low"; earnings of $46,280 (four times the low earnings threshold) were considered "high". The low earnings threshold is equal to the poverty threshold for a four person family with two children when the CPI-U-X1 is used to adjust for price changes.

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