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Population Estimates

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Annual Time Series of Population Estimates, 1991 to 1999, and 1990 Census Population For Places and County Subdivisions (Minor Civil Divisions)

FIPS Lookup File [TXT - 7k]
Documentation file [TXT - 7k]

Alabama [TXT - 156k] Alaska [TXT - 50k] Arizona [TXT - 32k] Arkansas [TXT - 165k]
California [TXT - 145k] Colorado [TXT - 104k] Connecticut [TXT - 64k] Delaware [TXT - 18k]
District of Columbia [TXT - 2k] Florida [TXT - 135k] Georgia [TXT - 225k] Hawaii [TXT - 4k]
Idaho [TXT - 74k] Illinois [TXT - 1.4M] Indiana [TXT - 769k] Iowa [TXT - 298k]
Kansas [TXT - 878k] Kentucky [TXT - 170k] Louisiana [TXT - 109k] Maine [TXT - 150k]
Maryland [TXT - 53k] Massachusetts [TXT - 116k] Michigan [TXT - 773k] Minnesota [TXT - 1.2M]
Mississippi [TXT - 119k] Missouri [TXT - 477k] Montana [TXT - 60) Nebraska [TXT - 408k]
Nevada [TXT - 13k] New Hampshire [TXT - 77k] New Jersey [TXT - 311k] New Mexico [TXT - 44k]
New York [TXT - 708k] North Carolina [TXT - 194k] North Dakota [TXT - 637k] Ohio [TXT - 1.1M]
Oklahoma [TXT - 194k] Oregon [TXT - 82k] Pennsylvania [TXT - 1.2M] Rhode Island [TXT - 17k]
South Carolina [TXT - 95k] South Dakota [TXT - 498k] Tennessee [TXT - 142k] Texas [TXT - 450k]
Utah [TXT - 73k] Vermont [TXT - 103k] Virginia [TXT - 113k] Washington [TXT - 91k]
West Virginia [TXT - 88k] Wisconsin [TXT - 807k] Wyoming [TXT - 37k] All States [TXT - 15.2M]

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Alabama [ZIP - 156k uncompressed, 35k compressed] Alaska [ZIP - 50k uncompressed, 9k compressed] Arizona [ZIP - 32k uncompressed, 7k compressed] Arkansas [ZIP - 165k uncompressed, 36k compressed]
California [ZIP - 145k uncompressed, 38k compressed] Colorado [ZIP - 104k uncompressed, 24k compressed] Connecticut [ZIP - 64k uncompressed, 12k compressed] Delaware [ZIP - 18k uncompressed, 4k compressed]
District of Columbia [ZIP - 2k uncompressed, 1k compressed] Florida [ZIP - 135k uncompressed, 33k compressed] Georgia [ZIP - 225k uncompressed, 51k compressed] Hawaii [ZIP - 4k uncompressed, 1k compressed]
Idaho [ZIP - 74k uncompressed, 17k compressed] Illinois [ZIP - 1.4M uncompressed, 264k compressed] Indiana [ZIP - 769k uncompressed, 147k compressed] Iowa [ZIP - 298k uncompressed, 61k compressed]
Kansas [ZIP - 878k uncompressed, 143k compressed] Kentucky [ZIP - 170k uncompressed, 39k compressed] Louisiana [ZIP - 109k uncompressed, 26k compressed] Maine [ZIP - 150k uncompressed, 31k compressed]
Maryland [ZIP - 53k uncompressed, 11k compressed] Massachusetts [ZIP - 116k uncompressed, 25k compressed] Michigan [ZIP - 773k uncompressed, 142k compressed] Minnesota [ZIP - 1.2M uncompressed, 182k compressed]
Mississippi [ZIP - 119k uncompressed, 27k compressed] Missouri [ZIP - 477k uncompressed, 95k compressed] Montana [ZIP - 60k uncompressed, 12k compressed] Nebraska [ZIP - 408k uncompressed, 72k compressed]
Nevada [ZIP - 13k uncompressed, 3k compressed] New Hampshire [ZIP - 77k uncompressed, 16k compressed] New Jersey [ZIP - 311k uncompressed, 51k compressed] New Mexico [ZIP - 44k uncompressed, 9k compressed]
New York [ZIP - 708k uncompressed, 138k compressed] North Carolina [ZIP - 194k uncompressed, 44k compressed] North Dakota [ZIP - 637k uncompressed, 89k compressed] Ohio [ZIP - 1.1M uncompressed, 205k compressed]
Oklahoma [ZIP - 194k uncompressed, 40k compressed] Oregon [ZIP - 82k uncompressed, 19k uncompressed] Pennsylvania [ZIP - 1.2M uncompressed, 192k compressed] Rhode Island [ZIP - 17k uncompressed, 4k compressed]
South Carolina [ZIP - 95k uncompressed, 22k compressed] South Dakota [ZIP - 498k uncompressed, 74k compressed] Tennessee [ZIP - 142k uncompressed, 33k compressed] Texas [ZIP - 450k uncompressed, 102k compressed]
Utah [ZIP - 43k uncompressed, 17k compressed] Vermont [ZIP - 103k uncompressed, 20k compressed] Virginia [ZIP - 113k uncompressed, 25k compressed] Washington [ZIP - 91k uncompressed, 22k compressed]
West Virginia [ZIP - 88k uncompressed, 20k compressed] Wisconsin [ZIP - 807k uncompressed, 134k compressed] Wyoming [ZIP - 37k uncompressed, 7k compressed] All States [ZIP - 15.2M uncompressed, 2.8M compressed]

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Source: U.S. Census Bureau | Population Estimates |  Last Revised: December 08, 2011