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County Characteristics

1990 to 1999 Annual Time Series of County Population Estimates By Age, Sex, Race, and Hispanic Origin

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Alabama [TXT - 1.2M] Alaska [TXT - 465k] Arizona [TXT - 259k] Arkansas [TXT - 1.3M]
California [TXT - 997k] Colorado [TXT - 1.1M] Connecticut [TXT - 139) Delaware [TXT - 53k]
District of Columbia [TXT - 19k] Florida [TXT - 1.2M] Georgia [TXT - 2.7M] Hawaii [TXT - 88k]
Idaho [TXT - 757k] Illinois [TXT - 1.8M] Indiana [TXT - 1.6M] Iowa [TXT - 1.7M]
Kansas [TXT - 1.8M] Kentucky [TXT - 2.1M] Louisiana [TXT - 1.1M] Maine [TXT - 276k]
Maryland [TXT - 414k] Massachusetts [TXT - 242k] Michigan [TXT - 1.4M] Minnesota [TXT - 1.5M]
Mississippi [TXT - 1.4M] Missouri [TXT - 2M] Montana [TXT - 963k] Nebraska [TXT - 1.6M]
Nevada [TXT - 294k] New Hampshire [TXT - 173k] New Jersey [TXT - 362k] New Mexico [TXT - 568k]
New York [TXT - 1.1M] North Carolina [TXT - 1.7M] North Dakota [TXT - 911k] Ohio [TXT - 1.5M]
Oklahoma [TXT - 1.3M] Oregon [TXT - 620k] Pennsylvania [TXT - 1.2M] Rhode Island [TXT - 88k]
South Carolina [TXT - 791k] South Dakota [TXT - 1.1M] Tennessee [TXT - 1.6M] Texas [TXT - 4.4M]
Utah [TXT - 499k] Vermont [TXT - 242k] Virginia [TXT - 2.3M] Washington [TXT - 671k]
West Virginia [TXT - 946k] Wisconsin [TXT - 1.2M] Wyoming [TXT - 397k]  

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Alabama [ZIP - 198k compressed, 946k uncompressed] Alaska [ZIP - 64k compressed, 382k uncompressed] Arizona [ZIP - 54k compressed, 213k uncompressed] Arkansas [ZIP - 198k compressed, 1.1M uncompressed]
California [ZIP - 227k compressed, 819k uncompressed] Colorado [ZIP - 162k compressed, 889k uncompressed] Connecticut [ZIP - 34k compressed, 114k uncompressed] Delaware [ZIP - 13k compressed, 43k uncompressed]
District of Columbia [ZIP - 5k compressed, 15k uncompressed] Florida [ZIP - 223k compressed, 946k uncompressed] Georgia [ZIP - 424k compressed, 2.2M uncompressed] Hawaii [ZIP - 18k compressed, 71k uncompressed]
Idaho [ZIP - 109k compressed, 622k uncompressed] Illinois [ZIP - 297k compressed, 1.4M uncompressed] Indiana [ZIP - 271k compressed, 1.3M uncompressed] Iowa [ZIP - 250k compressed, 1.4M uncompressed]
Kansas [ZIP - 240k compressed, 1.5M uncompressed] Kentucky [ZIP - 307k compressed, 1.7M uncompressed] Louisiana [ZIP - 191k compressed, 904k uncompressed] Maine [ZIP - 52k compressed, 227k uncompressed]
Maryland [ZIP - 89k compressed, 339k uncompressed] Massachusetts [ZIP - 58k compressed, 198k uncompressed] Michigan [ZIP - 259k compressed, 1.2M uncompressed] Minnesota [ZIP - 239k compressed, 1.2M uncompressed]
Mississippi [ZIP - 220k compressed, 1.2M uncompressed] Missouri [ZIP - 303k compressed, 1.6M uncompressed] Montana [ZIP - 122k compressed, 791k uncompressed] Nebraska [ZIP - 192k compressed, 1.3M uncompressed]
Nevada [ZIP - 47k compressed, 241k uncompressed] New Hampshire [ZIP - 35k compressed, 142k uncompressed] New Jersey [ZIP - 88k compressed, 297k uncompressed] New Mexico [ZIP - 93k compressed, 466k uncompressed]
New York [ZIP - 230k compressed, 875k uncompressed] North Carolina [ZIP - 307k compressed, 1.4M uncompressed] North Dakota [ZIP - 110k compressed, 748k uncompressed] Ohio [ZIP - 292k compressed, 1.3M uncompressed]
Oklahoma [ZIP - 205k compressed, 1.1M uncompressed] Oregon [ZIP - 110k compressed, 509k uncompressed] Pennsylvania [ZIP - 238k compressed, 946k uncompressed] Rhode Island [ZIP - 20k compressed, 71k uncompressed]
South Carolina [ZIP - 147k compressed, 650k uncompressed] South Dakota [ZIP - 136k compressed, 932k uncompressed] Tennessee [ZIP - 266k compressed, 1.3M uncompressed] Texas [ZIP - 673k compressed, 3.6M uncompressed]
Utah [ZIP - 78k compressed, 410k uncompressed] Vermont [ZIP - 41k compressed, 198k uncompressed] Virginia [ZIP - 375k compressed, 1.9M uncompressed] Washington [ZIP - 126k compressed, 551k uncompressed]
West Virginia [ZIP - 148k compressed, 777k uncompressed] Wisconsin [ZIP - 217k compressed, 1.0M uncompressed] Wyoming [ZIP - 59k compressed, 325k uncompressed]  

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