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1999 Challenges

1999 County Challenges Received and Accepted by the Population Estimates Program: 4/4/2000

Area State Challenge
Original 7/1/1999
Population Estimate
Revised 7/1/1999
Population Estimate
Collier County FL 3/13/2000 207029 226072*

* Collier County successfully challenged their 1998 population estimate, but the results of the 1998 challenge were not incorporated into their original 1999 population estimate. The 1999 population estimate shown here reflects the results of the 1998 challenge.


The Bureau of the Census prepares annual estimates of total population for states, counties and all other units of general purpose government. States, counties and units of local government have the right to challenge the population estimates prepared by the Bureau of the Census under the provisions of Title 15, The Code of Federal Regulations, Part 90.

The regulations set out in 15 C.F.R. Ch. 1 Part 90 apply to any state or local government challenging Bureau of the Census estimates. Some of the more significant provisions are as follows:

  • An "informal challenge" (one in which the Bureau of the Census and the locality attempt to resolve the challenge on an informal basis) must be filed at any time up to 180 days after release of the estimate by the Bureau of the Census.
  • In the event that the challenge cannot be resolved informally, the Chief, Population Division, Bureau of the Census, will inform the state or local government in writing of the reasons for the outcome and of its right to proceed formally.
  • A "formal challenge" (one in which an opportunity for a hearing is provided in accordance with provisions in C.F.R. Part 90) may be filed if the informal challenge fails to resolve the issue. A formal challenge must be filed within 30 days of the date of receipt of the letter from the Chief of the Population Division advising of the right to proceed formally.
  • Upon filing a "formal challenge", the state or local government has a right to a hearing or may elect to proceed without a hearing.
  • Testimony may be taken at the hearing and relevant documentary evidence introduced.
  • The evidence required for a challenge, informal or formal, shall be in compliance with this Review Guide.

A state or local government can request from the Bureau of the Census information about how to challenge their population estimate and the components used to derive the population estimate for their jurisdiction for the most recent year. Governments interested in this information may contact Population Division by telephone or letter:

Population Estimates Branch
U.S. Bureau of the Census
Federal Building 3, Room 2011
Washington, D.C. 20233
Telephone: (301) 457-2380

The materials mailed to the locality include appendices containing descriptions of the methodologies used in preparing county and subcounty population estimates. We also show the derivation of current year population estimates for a hypothetical county and local government.

If a governmental unit wishes to challenge a population estimate prepared by the Bureau of the Census, the governmental unit’s chief executive officer or highest elected official can initiate the challenge process for that governmental unit by:

  • Writing a letter indicating their intent to challenge the population estimate for the current year’s estimate within 180 days of the estimate’s release,
  • Completing the enclosed worksheets filled out for the appropriate estimation period OR providing other data indicative of population change and associated estimates for their governmental unit,
  • Sending the letter, the completed worksheets, and/or other materials supporting an alternative estimate to:
  • Chief, Population Division
    Bureau of the Census
    Washington, D.C. 20233
    Attention: Population Estimates Branch

The Chief, or the Chief’s designee shall review the challenge, the evidence supporting the challenge, and shall attempt to resolve the challenge.

In any instance, in which a local government and the Bureau of the Census cannot resolve a challenge through the informal procedures described above, the governmental unit may file a formal challenge.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau | Population Estimates |  Last Revised: December 08, 2011