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Population Estimates

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1990s: State Tables

Intercensal Estimates

These estimates have been developed by applying a mathematical formula to take into account differences between the postcensal time series population estimates and the 1990 and Census 2000 results.

Postcensal Estimates

Popular Tables

The Population Estimates Program produces for states each year: total population estimates, estimates by age and sex, and estimates by race and Hispanic origin. The release of total population estimates at the end of the calendar year also includes demographic components of change. In the spring, the Program releases population by age and sex, presenting tables for different age groupings as well as single year of age. A third release in the summer presents estimates by age, sex, race, and Hispanic origin. All estimates are for the resident population unless noted otherwise. The reference date for state estimates is July 1.

NOTE: All population figures are based on the 1990 Census; they do not reflect Census 2000 counts.

State Totals

Total State Estimates & Demographic Components Of Change

The above population estimates were produced in cooperation with the Federal-State Cooperative Program for Population Estimates (FSCPE)

State Characteristics

1990 to 1999 Annual Time Series of State Population Estimates by Age and Sex

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1990 to 1999 Annual Time Series of State Population Estimates by Race and Hispanic Origin

1999 State Population Estimates Ranked by Race or Hispanic Origin Population

Source: U.S. Census Bureau | Population Estimates |  Last Revised: December 22, 2011