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American Community Survey

    The most recent data on ancestry come from the American Community Survey (ACS) and can be found on the American FactFinder (AFF).

    In the fall of each year, data become available for the prior year. For example, 2010 ACS data became available in the fall of 2011.

    The tables that show ancestry on AFF are:

    • DP02 –Data Profile (shows only the larger ancestry groups)
    • B04001 –First Ancestry Reported
    • B04002 –Second Ancestry Reported
    • B04003 –Total Ancestry Reported (the sum of first and second ancestry)
    • B04004 –People Reporting Single Ancestry
    • B04005 –People Reporting Multiple Ancestry
    • B04006 –People Reporting Ancestry (the total number of people who gave an ancestry)
    • B04007 –Ancestry (type of response such as single, multiple, or not reported)
    • S0201 --Selected Population Profiles (for demographic, social, and economic characteristics of ancestry groups)
    • Selected Population Tables (for several hundred social and economic characteristic tables for ancestry groups)

    There are also collapsed versions of these tables (C04001 through C04007) which show fewer categories but for smaller geographic areas.

    Data on ancestry are available from ACS on AFF for the years 2000 and beyond.

    Census 2000

      Data are available on American FactFinder (AFF) from Census 2000.

      1990 Census

        1990 Census (and 1980 Census) collected ancestry data the same way they are today.

        1980 Census

          1980 Census (and 1990 Census) collected ancestry data the same way they are today.

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