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Hispanic Origin

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Hispanic Origin Publications

Hispanics in the United States
A presentation that highlights past, present, and future demographic trends of the Hispanic population in the United States. The presentation utilizes data from the 2006 American Community Survey, decennial censuses (1970 to 2000), and national population estimates and projections (2000 to 2050)

Current Population Survey

U.S. Hispanic Population: 2006 [PDF - 284K]

Decennial Census

2010 Census  Census 2000  Census 1990 

Working Papers

86. Item Nonresponse, Allocation, and Data Editing of the Question on Hispanic Origin in the American Community Survey (ACS): 2000 to 2007 [PDF - 373K] , by Roberto R. Ramirez and Sharon R. Ennis. Issued August 2010.

84. Hispanics in the United States, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands: 2000 [PDF - 805K] , by Debra A. Niner and Merarys Rios. Issued June 2009.

79. Matched Race and Hispanic Origin Responses from Census 2000 and Current Population Survey February to May 2000 [HTML] [PDF - 269K], by Jorge del Pinal and A. Dianne Schmidley. Issued December 2005.

77. Analysis of Multiple Origin Reporting to the Hispanic Origin Question in Census 2000 [HTML] [PDF - 194K], by Roberto R. Ramirez. Issued November 2005.

75. Identification of Hispanic Ethnicity in Census 2000: Analysis of Data Quality for the Question on Hispanic Origin [HTML] [PDF - 996K], by Arthur R. Cresce, Audrey Dianne Schmidley and Roberto R. Ramirez. Issued July 2004.

72. Analysis of General Hispanic Responses in Census 2000 [HTML] [PDF - 541K], by Arthur R. Cresce and Roberto R. Ramirez. Issued September 2003.

56. Historical Census Statistics on Population Totals by Race, 1790 to 1990, and by Hispanic Origin, 1970 to 1990, for the United States, Regions, Divisions, and States [PDF - 8.3M] , by Campbell Gibson and Kay Jung. Issued September 2002.

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