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Last updated on IDB: June 2012
Base Population
Item Base year Data source Data collection years Notes Ref. No.
Base Population 1980 census 1980 Census population adjusted under age 10 to be consistent with fertility and mortality, smoothed, and moved to midyear. The population of East Timor has been subtracted. 1

Latest Data Used in the Estimates and Projections
Item Reference years Data source Data collection years Notes Ref. No.
Population 2010 census 2010 Census population data by age and sex used to evaluate the estimates and projections. 2
Fertility 1996 survey 1997 Indirect estimates of age-specific and total fertility rates. Indirect estimates of age-specific fertility from the 2003 and 2007 Demographic and Health Surveys were also considered. 3
Mortality 2004 official estimate 2004 Official estimate of total deaths due to 2004 Tsunami. Indirect estimates of infant and child mortality from the 2007 Demographic and Health Survey and child survivorship data from the 2010 census were also considered. 4
Migration 2010 administrative data 2011 Based on statistics from major destination countries. 5

Ref. No. Citations
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