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Major Differences in Subject-Matter Content Between the 1990 and 2000 Census Questionnaires

Note: The numbers for the questions below are the same as on the Census 2000 long mail-out questionnaire (D-2).


1. Name

2. Household Relationship

3. Sex

4. Age and Date of Birth

5. Spanish/Hispanic/Latino

6. Race

7. Marital Status

8a. School Enrollment

8b. Grade Enrolled

9. Educational Attainment

10. Ancestry

11. Language Spoken at Home

12. Place of Birth

13. Citizenship

14. Year of Entry to the U.S.

15. Migration (Residence 5 Years Ago)

16-17. Disability

18. Age Screener
[This question reduces respondent burden by instructing persons under 15 to skip questions on labor force status, veteran status, income, etc.]

19. Grandparents as Caregivers

20a. Military Service

20b. Period of Military Service

20c. Years of Military Service

21. Work Last Week

22. Place of Work

23a. Means of Transportation to Work

23b. Carpooling

24a. Departure Time

24b. Minutes to Work

25a-c. Absence From Work

25d. Looking for Work

25e. Availability for Work

26. Work History Screener [This screener question reduces respondent burden and properly defines the "experienced civilian labor force."]

27. Industry

28. Occupation

29. Class of Worker

30a.Work Last Year

30b.Weeks Worked Last Year

30c.Usual Hours Worked Last Year

31-32. Income

-> Children Ever Born (Fertility)

-> Year Last Worked

-> Hours Worked Last Week


33. Tenure (Owner or Renter)

34. Units in Structure

35. Year Structure Built

36. Year Householder Moved In

37. Rooms

38. Bedrooms

39. Plumbing Facilities

40. Kitchen Facilities

41. Telephone Service

42. Heating Fuel

43. Vehicles Available

44a-c. Business on Property, Acreage, and Sales of Agricultural Products

45. Utility Costs

46. Monthly Rent and Meals Included in Rent

47. Mortgage and Monthly Mortgage Payment

48. Second Mortgage or Home Equity Loan and Monthly Payment

49. Real Estate Taxes

50. Fire, Hazard, and Flood Insurance

51. Value

52. Condominium Fee

53. Mobile Home Fee

-> Source of Water

-> Sewage Disposal

-> Condominium Status