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Island Areas Contact List

  • Contact the Data Center for your Island Area:

              American Samoa
              Department of Commerce
              Statistics Division
              Phone: 011-684-633-5155
              The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
              Department of Commerce
              Central Statistics Division
              Phone: 670-664-3000
              Department of Commerce
              Phone: 671-475-0321
              U.S. Virgin Islands
              Easter Caribbean Center
              University of the Virgin Islands
              Phone: 340-693-1027

  • Contact the Puerto Rico and Island Areas Staff,
    U.S. Census Bureau
    Phone: 301-457-4038 or via
    Fax: 301-457-3763

  • Visit your local library. Many major university and public libraries participate in the Federal Deposit Library Program and receive copies of Census Bureau reports and CD-ROMs.