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Special Tabulations

Other Sources of Data and Assistance

Special tabulations are available from a wide variety of Census Bureau programs such as the American Community Survey, Current Population Survey, the Survey of Income and Program Participation, the American Housing Survey, the Economic Censuses, and so forth. Call our Customer Services Office on 301-763-INFO for information on special tabulations from other programs.

For data at high geographic levels (e.g., United States or state), try using the Census 2000 Public Use Microdata Sample (PUMS) files to create your own custom tabulation. For data at the United States level from the Current Population Survey, try using the CPS Table Creator.

For information about data available in Census 2000 data products, or assistance using American FactFinder, call our Customer Services Center on 301-763-INFO. Also, you can search our list of Frequently Asked Questions, and direct general questions about census data to

The State Data Center and the Census Information Center programs, as well as the Census Bureau regional offices, also provide assistance with Census 2000 data.