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Special Tabulations

Selected Population and Housing Subjects for the United States

Population Housing
Armed Forces status
Citizenship status
Class of worker
Commuting to work
Educational attainment
Employment status
Grandparents as caregivers
Hispanic or Latino
Household and family type and size
Household relationship
Income in 1999 (including types of income)
Language density
Language spoken at home and
   ability to speak English
Level of school
Living alone
Living arrangements
Marital status
Migration (residence 5 years ago)
Nativity and place of birth
Place of work
Poverty status
Presence of children
School enrollment and type of school
Unmarried-partner households
Urban and rural
Usual hours worked per week
Veteran status, length of service, period of
Weeks worked in 1999
Work Experience
Work status in 1999
Year of entry
Contract rent
Gross rent
Heating fuel
Kitchen facilities
Meals included in rent
Monthly rent
Mortgage status
Number of bedrooms
Number of rooms
Occupancy status
Plumbing facilities
Price asked
Real estate taxes
Selected monthly owner costs
Telephone service available
Tenure (owner occupied or renter occupied)
Units in structure
Value of home
Vehicles available
Year householder moved into unit
Year structure built