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Evaluation of April 1, 2000 School District Population Estimates Based on the Synthetic Ratio Method (Working Paper No. 74)

Figure 1. Unweighted and Weighted Mean Absolute Percent Errors (MAPE) for the April 1, 2000 School District Estimates of the Total and School-Age Populations: Estimates Based on April 1, 2000 County Estimates and Census 2000 County Enumeration Data

Population Group Mean Absolute Percent Error
Based on April 1, 2000 County Estimates Based on Census 2000 County Enumeration
Total Population-MAPE 9.1 8.6
Total Population-Weighted MAPE 6.7 5.5
School-Age Population-MAPE 12.9 11.7
School-Age Population-Weighted MAPE 9.3 6.9

MAPE - Mean Absolute Percent Error

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