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  Census 2000 Topic Reports and Corresponding Evaluation Reports

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Topic Report Title Format Release Date
Address List Development in Census 2000
(This report, originally issued on 09/26/03, was reissued to correct two editorial changes.)
* PDF MS Word 11/05/03
Automation of Census 2000 Processes * PDF   08/08/03
Census 2000 Data Capture * PDF   08/08/03
Census 2000 Ethnographic Studies * PDF   02/09/04
Content and Data Quality in Census 2000
(This report, originally issued on 09/30/03, was reissued to correct editorial and minor content changes.)
* PDF   01/29/04
Coverage Improvement in Census 2000 Enumeration * PDF   09/29/03
Coverage Measurement from the Perspective of March 2001 A.C.E. * PDF   09/03/03
Data Collection in Census 2000 * PDF   09/30/03
Data Processing in Census 2000 * PDF   09/25/03
Evaluations of the Census 2000 Partnership and Marketing Program * PDF MS Word 09/25/03
Privacy Research in Census 2000 * PDF   07/24/03
Puerto Rico * PDF   10/06/03
Race and Ethnicity in Census 2000 * PDF   09/27/03
Response Rates and Behavior Analysis (Note: Page 15 of this report refers to 13,817 Questionnaire Assistance Centers. This number was based on a draft report. The final number of Questionnaire Assistance Centers is 23,556.) * PDF   09/30/03
Special Place/Group Quarters Enumeration * PDF   09/23/03
Evaluation Title Format Release Date
A.1.a  Telephone Questionnaire Assistance PDF   09/27/03
A.1.b  Telephone Questionnaire Assistance Customer Satisfaction Survey PDF   09/30/03
A.2.b  Internet Data Collection PDF   09/30/03
A.2.c  Census 2000 Internet Web Site and Questionnaire Customer Satisfaction Surveys PDF   09/30/03
A.3  Be Counted Campaign for Census 2000 PDF   09/25/03
A.4  Use of Non-English Questionnaires and Guides in the Census 2000 Language Program PDF   10/20/03
A.5.a  Analysis of the Linguistically Isolated Population in Census 2000 PDF   10/21/03
A.6.a  The United States Postal Service Undeliverable Rates for Census 2000 MailOut Questionnaires PDF   09/29/03
A.6.b  Study of the U.S. Postal Service Reasons for Undeliverability of Census 2000 Mailout Questionnaires PDF   09/30/03
A.7.a  Census 2000 Mail Response Rates PDF   09/30/03
A.7.b  Census 2000 Mail Return Rates PDF   09/25/03
A.8  Puerto Rico Focus Groups on Why Households Did Not Mail Back the Census 2000 Questionnaire PDF   07/24/03
B.1.a  Analysis of Imputation Rates for the 100 Percent Person and Housing Unit Data Items from Census 2000 PDF MS Word 09/30/03
B.1.b  Analysis of Item Nonresponse Rates for the 100 Percent Housing and Population Items from Census 2000 PDF   09/30/03
B.3  Census Quality Survey to Evaluate Responses to the Census 2000 Question on Race:  An Introduction to the Data PDF   04/09/03
B.5  Census 2000 Content Reinterview Survey: Accuracy of Data for Selected Population and Housing Characteristics as Measured by Reinterview PDF   09/27/03
      B.5, Appendices C through I. PDF    
B.6  Master Trace Sample PDF   09/30/03
B.7  Accuracy of Data for Employment Status as Measured by the CPS- Census 2000 Match PDF   05/11/04
      B.7, Tables (Excel)      
B.12  Puerto Rico Census 2000 Responses to the Race and Ethnicity Questions PDF   09/27/03
B.13  Puerto Rico Focus Groups on the Census 2000 Race and Ethnicity Questions PDF   09/27/03
C.1  The Effects of the Disclosure Limitation Procedure on Census 2000 Tabular Data Products (Abridged) PDF   04/28/03
D.1  Partnership and Marketing Program Evaluation PDF MS Word 09/25/03
D.2  Evaluation of the Census in Schools Program: Materials and Distribution PDF   09/25/03
D.3  Survey of Partners PDF   07/24/03
E.1.b  Evaluation of the Facility Questionnaire (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing and Personal Visit)  PDF   09/23/03
E.5  Group Quarters Enumeration PDF   09/23/03
E.6  Service-Based Enumeration PDF   09/23/03
F.2  The Address Listing Operation and Its Impact on the Master Address File PDF   09/27/03
F.3  Evaluation of the Local Update of Census Addresses 98 (LUCA 98) PDF   09/27/03
F.5  Block Canvassing Operation  PDF   09/27/03
F.6  Evaluation of the Local Update of Census Addresses 99 Operation PDF   09/27/03
F.10  Evaluation of the Update/Leave Operation PDF   09/27/03
F.11  Urban Update/Leave PDF   09/27/03
F.12  Update/Enumerate PDF   09/27/03
F.13  List/Enumerate PDF   09/27/03
F.15  An Assessment of Addresses on the Master Address File "Missing" in the Census or Geocoded to the Wrong Collection Block PDF   09/27/03
F.16  Evaluation of the Block Splitting Operation for Tabulation Purposes (This report, originally issued on 09/27/03, was reissued to clarify in the Executive Summary the fact that although there are 915,794 split blocks in the country, only 282,457 were eligible for inclusion in this evaluation.) PDF   05/10/04
G.1  Census 2000 Staffing Programs, Recruiting Component (Part 1) PDF MS Word 09/30/03
G.1  Census 2000 Staffing Programs, Pay Component (Part 2) PDF MS Word 09/30/03
H.2  Assessment of Field Verification PDF   09/25/03 
H.4  Questionnaire Assistance Centers for Census 2000 PDF   09/30/03
H.5  Nonresponse Followup for Census 2000 PDF   09/27/03
H.7  Nonresponse Followup (NRFU) Enumerator Training PDF   09/30/03
H.8  Operational Analysis of Enumeration of Puerto Rico PDF   09/30/03
H.9  Local Census Office Profile for Census 2000 PDF   11/04/03
H.10  Date of Reference for Age and Birth Date used by Respondents of Census 2000 PDF   09/30/03
I.2  Evaluation of Nonresponse Followup - Whole Household Usual Home Elsewhere Probe PDF   09/25/03
I.1  Coverage Edit Followup PDF   09/29/03
I.3  Evaluation of Nonresponse Followup - Mover Probe (This report, originally issued on September 29, 2003, was reissued to correct a file reference and other editorial changes.) PDF   04/07/04
I.4  Coverage Improvement Followup PDF MS Word 09/27/03
I.5  Coverage Gains From Coverage Questions C1 and C2 on Enumerator-Completed Questionnaires for Census 2000 PDF   09/29/03
J.2  Ethnographic Social Network Tracing of Highly Mobile People  PDF   02/09/04
      J.2  Appendix PDF    
J.3  Comparative Ethnographic Research on Mobile Populations PDF   02/09/04
J.4  The Enumeration of Colonias in Census 2000: Perspectives of Ethnographers and Census Enumerators PDF   02/09/04
K.1.a  DCS 2000 Data Capture Audit Resolution Process PDF MS Word 11/04/03
K.1.b  Evaluation of the Data Capture System and the Impact of the Data Capture Mode on Data Quality PDF   08/08/03
L.2  Operational Analysis of the Decennial Response File Linking and Setting of Housing Unit Status and Expected Household Size PDF   09/25/03 
L.3.a  Analysis of the Primary Selection Algorithm PDF   09/25/03
L.3.b  Resolution of Multiple Census Returns Using a Re-interview PDF   09/25/03
L.4  Census Unedited File Creation PDF   09/25/03
L.5  Operational Requirements Study:  The Beta Site Systems Testing and Management Facility PDF   03/10/03
M.1  Evaluation of the Census 2000 Quality Assurance Philosophy and Approach Used in the Address List Development and Enumeration Operations PDF MS Word 09/29/03
M.2  Effectiveness of Variables Used in the Model to Detect Discrepant Results During Reinterview and the Identification of New Variables PDF   09/12/03
N.1  Contamination of Census 2000 Data Collected in Accuracy and Coverage Evaluation Block Clusters PDF   09/03/03
N.10  Discrepant Results in the Accuracy and Coverage Evaluation PDF   09/03/03
N.14  Evaluation of Matching Error PDF   09/03/03
N.17  Targeted Extended Search Analysis PDF   09/03/03
N.19  Evaluation of Housing Unit Field Operations and Instruments for the Accuracy and Coverage Evaluation PDF   09/03/03
O.3  Census 2000 Housing Unit Coverage Study PDF   09/03/03
O.4  Analysis of Conflicting Households PDF   09/03/03
O.5  Analysis of Proxy Data in the Accuracy and Coverage Evaluation PDF   09/03/03
O.10  Housing Unit Duplication in Census 2000 PDF   09/03/03
O.16  Person Duplication in the Search Area Measured by the 2000 Accuracy and Coverage Evaluation  (This report, originally issued on 09/03/03, was reissued to correct numbers in Table 1 and the estimated number of E-sample persons.) PDF   12/19/03
O.19  Analysis of Deleted and Added Housing Units in Census 2000 Measured by the Accuracy and Coverage Evaluation PDF   10/20/03
O.20 Assessment of Consistency of Census Data with Demographic Benchmarks at the Subnational Level PDF   09/02/03
Q.1  Management Evaluation of Census 2000 PDF MS Word 10/29/03
R.1.a  Telephone Questionnaire Assistance System Requirements Study PDF   08/08/03
R.1.b  Coverage Edit Followup System Requirements Study PDF   08/08/03
R.1.c  Internet Questionnaire Assistance System Requirements Study PDF   08/08/03
R.1.d  Internet Data Collection System Requirements Study PDF   08/08/03
R.2.a  Operations Control System 2000, System Requirements Study PDF   08/08/03
R.2.b  Laptop Computers for Accuracy and Coverage Evaluation System Requirements Study PDF   08/08/03
R.2.c  Accuracy and Coverage Evaluation 2000, System Requirements Study PDF   08/08/03
R.2.d  Matching Review and Coding System for the Accuracy and Coverage Evaluation (Housing Unit, Person and Final Housing Unit), System Requirements Study PDF   08/08/03
R.3.a  Pre-Appointment Management System/Automated Decennial Administrative Management System, System Requirements Study PDF   08/08/03
R.3.b  American FactFinder System Requirements Study PDF   08/08/03
R.3.c  Management Information System 2000, System Requirements Study PDF   08/08/03
R.3.d  Census 2000 Data Capture, System Requirements Study PDF   08/08/03

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