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Data Protection and Privacy Policy

List of Available PIAs

Data Stewardship/Privacy Impact Assessment [xls]

  1. American Community Survey (ACS) Abstract [PDF] | PIA [PDF]
  2. Automated Export System (AES) PIA [PDF]
  3. Center for Economic Studies (Includes RDCs) Abstract [PDF] | PIA [PDF]
  4. Center for Statistical Research Methodology (CSRM) Research Computing Abstract [PDF] | PIA [PDF]
  5. Data Access and Dissemination System (DADS) Abstract [PDF] | PIA [PDF]
  6. Data Management System (DMS) PIA [PDF]
  7. Decennial Headquarters Processing System Abstract [PDF] | PIA [PDF]
  8. Demographic Survey Program Abstract [PDF] | PIA [PDF]
  9. Economic Census and Surveys Abstract [PDF] | PIA [PDF]
  10. Electronic Data Management System (EDMS) Abstract [PDF] | PIA [PDF]
  11. Field Support System (FSS) Abstract [PDF] | PIA [PDF]
  12. Geographic Support Systems (GSS) Abstract [PDF] | PIA [PDF]
  13. Governments Division Applications Abstract [PDF] | PIA [PDF]
  14. Governments Division Reimbursable Programs Abstract [PDF] | PIA [PDF]
  15. Import and Export Statistics Abstract [PDF] | PIA [PDF]
  16. Importer and Exporter Databases Abstract [PDF] | PIA [PDF]
  17. Internet Data Collection System (IDCS) Abstract [PDF] | PIA [PDF]
  18. Longitudinal Employer Household Dynamic Program (LEHD) Abstract [PDF] | PIA [PDF]
  19. Mandatory Economic Census and Surveys Abstract [PDF] | PIA [PDF]
  20. National Longitudinal Mortality Study (NLMS) Abstract [PDF] | PIA [PDF]
  21. National Processing Center (NPC) Abstract [PDF] | PIA [PDF]
  22. Population Estimates Abstract [PDF] | PIA [PDF]
  23. Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates (SAIPE/SAHIE) Abstract [PDF] | PIA [PDF]
  24. Statistical Administrative Records System (StARS) Abstract [PDF] | PIA [PDF]
  25. Survey of Business Owners Abstract [PDF] | PIA [PDF]
  26. Survey of Construction Abstract [PDF] | PIA [PDF]
  27. Voluntary Economic Surveys Abstract [PDF] | PIA [PDF]

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Source: U.S. Census Bureau | Privacy Office | Last Revised: September 27, 2012