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2010 DRIS
Census Responses to Vendor Questions

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  1. Question: RE: The Patriot Act permits various government agencies to have access to survey data.
    1. Does this permission extend to census data?
    2. Response: Census Bureau information is protected by Title 13, U.S. Code, Section 9, which requires us to keep confidential any information that can be used to identify an individual person, household, or establishment. Only persons sworn to protect Title 13 data may have access to them. Unauthorized disclosure of Census confidential information is subject to a fine up to $250,000, a 5 year jail term, or both. These provisions of Title 13 take precedence over the Patriot Act's requirements for disclosing identifiable information, as well as many other legislative provisions for disclosing confidential data.

    3. If so, are we subject to the possibility of answering questions for data at any stage of DRIS progress?
    4. Response: n/a

    5. Does our obligation to respond include responding to contractors of the requesting government agency?
    6. Response: n/a

  2. Question: Given an incentive system, what provisions are/will be made for such interruptions in workflow that would cause a backlog?

  3. Response: We will not have an incentive system that penalizes you for things out of your control. The incentive system will be commensurate with what will really happen. We'll negotiate after contract award.

  4. Question: Will the bidding system take into account preparations to address such requests that would reduce associated backlogs?

  5. Response: We do not understand the question.

  6. Question: Section C.4.4: Does the Census Bureau anticipate that DRIS will provide a response channel other than paper for group quarters?

  7. Response: The Census Bureau does not anticipate at this time that DRIS will provide a response channel other than paper for group quarters.

  8. Question: Section C.4.4: Does the Government plan to publish the Review and Approval process and procedures for content changes?

  9. Response: At this time, the Government does not plan to publish the Review and Approval process and procedures for content changes.

  10. Question: Section C.4.4: Will the Government plan to provide the 800# service for the telephone response channel?

  11. Response: The Census Bureau has reserved the toll-free numbers that we will use for the 2010 census. The Government will determine whether to use the Federal Telecommunication Services (FTS) contract to provide the telecommunications services based on whether the use of FTS or commercial services available through the contractor provide the best value to the government.

  12. Question: Section C.4: Will the Government provide FTS services to the DRIS contractor?

  13. Response: As stated in the previous question, we will use the FTS contract to provide telecommunication services for this program based on the best value to the government. However, the contractor will have the responsibility to monitor, track, and manage the resolution of any issues in the preparation, deployment, installation, and de-installation of any technology or infrastructure required for these services regardless of whether FTS or a commercial contract vehicle is used.

  14. Question: Is overseas enumeration included in DRIS scope?

  15. Response: Overseas enumeration is in scope, but will not be part of the evaluation.

  16. Question: Section C.4.1: Background, 3rd Para, Page C-15. How does Census perceive this tribal, state and local interface? Will it be a web interface? Will DRIS need to partition the address list for this interface?

  17. Response: The scope of the DRIS contract does not include a requirement for directly interfacing with tribal, state, or local governments. The background section provides general information for purposes of providing the appropriate perspective about the magnitude and complexity of the decennial census, but does not contain any DRIS requirements.

  18. Question: Section C.4.2.1. Goals and Objectives for Workflow and control, 1st Bullet, Page C-16. Can Census provide an example of the metadata or draft of the requirements/specifications of the workflow and control processing? When will metadata information be available to the contractor?

  19. Response: We will determine detailed requirements and associated specifications related to metadata and the workflow and control processes after contract award.

  20. Question: Section C.4.2.1. Can Census provide an example of when response capture would be redirected?

  21. Response: We will determine the detailed requirements and associated process for redirecting response capture during Phase 1 of the performance period. These requirements and process will be used to ensure appropriate operational priorities, whether predefined or resulting from some unexpected situation.

  22. Question: Section C.4.2.2. Functionality, 1st Paragraph, Page C-17. Can Census provide a draft of the contents of the Corporate Metadata Repository form information, layout information, field tags, or keying specifications? When will the Metadata Repository be available for contractor use?

  23. Response: This will be removed from Section C. We will provide appropriate requirements as part of interfaces with the Government.

  24. Question: Section C.4.2.3. Inputs, 1st Bullet, Page C-17. What defines the "entire universe of cases" referenced in the 1st bullet?

  25. Response: For pricing purposes, these assumptions will be provided.

  26. Question: Section C.4.2.4. Outputs, 8th Bullet, Page C-18. Will the number of "Government requests for reprocessing" be included when the Government provides sizing and volume information?

  27. Response: Assume no Government requests for pricing purposes.

  28. Question: Section C.4.3.2. Functionality, 3rd Subsection, Page C-24. Will the Government expand upon its requirement for the "Contractor to provide functionality for automated geocoding"? Is there a specific software package that the Government intends to use?

  29. Response: The functionality required of the contractor involves the output of address information for geocoding by the Census Bureau and receipt and incorporation of addresses and associated geographic identifiers into the contractor's workflow and control system. This may involve a process that will allow a near-real time exchange of address and geographic data with the Census Bureau. 2) The Government has no specific software package that it intends to use.

  30. Question: Section C.4.7. Information Technology Standards, 3rd Paragraph, Page C-40; Section C.4.8. Government Furnished Items, Page C-40; and Section C.4.8.1 Multi-User Relational Database Management Software Licenses, Page C-41. Does the Government anticipate identifying additional Use level 1 Uniform Products besides Oracle Enterprise Edition?

  31. Response: No, Oracle is the only requirement we anticipate at this time.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau
Acquisition Division

Created: 8/17/2004
Last Revised: March 17, 2010