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2010 DRIS - Web Briefing

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Vendor Community:

Thank you for your interest in the U.S. Census Bureau's upcoming procurement for the Census 2010 Decennial Response Integration System (DRIS).

Our objective for this web-based briefing is to a) provide information that will help you better understand the current (draft) DRIS requirements, b) seek feedback from industry, and c) keep you apprized of the status of DRIS prior to the planned RFP release in February 2005.

Information for the Vendors

We are posting files with the following information to help you better understand our requirements for the DRIS:

Feedback for the Government

We would like your feedback. We are particularly interested in your ideas pertaining to the following:

  • Contract type or combination of contract types;
  • Performance measures during Phase I of the contract;
  • Strategies for maximizing small business opportunities; and
  • Incentive plans applied to the overall contract activities.

We ask you to refrain from asking questions about Section C, i.e. the background, goals and objectives, and the outline. No questions about Section C will be answered at this time. We will release a complete draft of Section C in late spring of this year.

The Census 2000 Evaluation is provided for reference only. We will not accept questions or comments about a Census 2000 report; our focus now is on Census 2010.

Procedures for Asking Questions

Send your questions and comments to us using the feedback form on this website, or submit your question to between February 25, 2004 and March 11, 2004. (Questions received after March 11 will not be addressed.) Questions will be posted anonymously on this website so you need not ask a question that has already been posed.

The Census Bureau will respond by April 9, 2004 to all questions received by March 11; however, we reserve the right to categorize similar questions and to supply one answer. The Government's answers will be posted on this website.

Status of DRIS Prior to RFP Release

We plan to release the DRIS RFP in February 2005. Contract award is slated for late in FY 2005. To achieve these goals we plan to post a draft of Section C, and possibly other sections of the RFP, in late spring of this year. A vendor conference is also planned for July 19, 2004 at the Census Bureau Headquarters in Suitland, MD. This website will, in addition, have updates on our technical research as results become available.

Please check this website for the latest information on DRIS.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau
Acquisition Division

Created: 2/17/2004
Last Revised: November 02, 2011

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