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Mr./Ms. _________________________
United States Small Business Administration
1110 Vermont Avenue, NW, 9th Floor
P.O. Box 34500
Washington, DC 20043-4500

Subject: Offering Letter, Requirement No. 52-YABC-___________

Dear Mr./Ms. ________________:

The U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC), Bureau of the Census would like to reserve a requirement for an award under the 8(a) program. The following information is applicable:

  1. This offering is being made under the memorandum of understanding between the Department of Commerce/Census Bureau and the Small Business Administration.

  2. The requirement is for ______________________________________________. A copy of the Statement of Work is attached.

  3. The period of performance is approximately _________ from the date of contract award. There are/are not _______ option years.

  4. The NAICS code which applies is __________.

  5. The anticipated dollar amount of the requirement totals $_______________.

  6. The work will be performed at _______________________________site(s).

  7. A ________________________________ type contract is anticipated.

  8. Acquisition history:_____________________________________________.

  9. A solicitation for this requirement has not been issued as a small business set-aside or a small disadvantaged business set-aside, and no other public communication (such as a notice in the Commerce Business Daily) has been made evidencing DOCís clear intention to set aside the acquisition for small business or small disadvantaged business.

  10. The 8(a) concern designated for consideration is:
  11. [Provide Company name and address, including zip code.]

  12. Determination:__________________________________________________________


  13. Bonding is/is not required.

  14. A search of the PRO NET system was made to determine the qualifications of the eligible companies.

  15. No SBA district or regional office has asked for the acquisition for the 8(a) program.

  16. I recommend that this requirement be awarded to Company Name.

If you have any questions concerning this matter, please contact me at (301) 763-____ or by Fax at (301) 457-1785. All correspondence regarding this requirement should be sent to me at:

Name of Contract Specialist
U.S. Census Bureau
4700 Silver Hill Road, Stop 1700
Washington, DC 20233-1700


Contracting Officer or Specialist


Source: U.S. Census Bureau
Acquisition Division

Created: 8/23/2001
Last Revised: March 16, 2010