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Attachment 9

Technical Evaluation of Proposals

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FROM:(Insert Name of Lead)
Lead Evaluator

SUBJECT:         Technical Evaluation of Proposals (Insert Name of Effort)

On (Insert Date and Time), an evaluation team consisting of (Insert Name) (lead evaluator), (Insert Name) (evaluator), and (Insert Name) (evaluator) convened a meeting at (Insert Site), Building # (Insert Building #), Room # (Insert Room Number). The purpose of this meeting was to evaluate the written proposals submitted by (Insert Names of Contractors). The intent of these evaluations was to determine which of these four companies fell into a competitive range that is believed will result in the successful completion of a contract for (Insert type of services). Those companies determined to be within an acceptable level were offered an opportunity to support their proposals through oral presentations and supplemental written information.

The evaluations consisted of a thorough review of each proposal, with emphasis being placed on skill levels and past experience, and contact with the personnel offered by the contractors as references. The proposals were evaluated on their strengths, weaknesses, deficiencies, and risks, with the results being described in the attached technical evaluation score sheets.

The consensus of the evaluators showed that the skills and experience offered by (Insert Names of Contractors) in relation to the evaluation factors were at levels where the evaluators believed the proposals supported the scheduling of oral presentations. The proposals offered by (Insert Names of Contractors) fell below the levels of (Insert Names of Contractors who were rated within competitive range). Prior to disqualifying (Insert Names of Contractors), the evaluators addressed the question as to whether the disqualified companies could raise their scores to the levels of (Insert Names Of Contractors) if given the opportunity to supplement their previous proposals through discussions. The consensus of the evaluators was that even if (Insert Names of Contractors) were provided opportunities to supplement their proposals, it was very unlikely that their scores could be raised without a complete rewrite of their proposals.

On (Insert Date), (Insert Names of Contractors) were notified via email of the following scheduled dates for the oral presentations:

(Insert Date and Times of Oral Presentations)

On (Insert Date), (Insert Names Of contractors) were notified via email that they failed to qualify for the determined competitive range.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau
Acquisition Division

Last Revised: October 15, 2012