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Notification of Oral Presentation

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The (Insert Name of Government Agency) has completed its initial evaluation of your company’s written proposal, and would like to schedule your oral presentation.

The purpose of this notification is to finalize the date of the Oral Presentation, provide instructions for the Oral Presentation, and request answers to questions from the review of your proposal.


The Government requests that you provide answers to the following questions from the technical evaluation session. The answers need to be received by (Insert Name of Government Agency) at least (Insert Number of Days) business days prior to the date of your oral presentation. We also ask that you address the questions in your oral presentation.


The Government intends to conduct your oral presentation on (Insert Date), between the hours of (Insert Times).


During the Oral Presentation, your representatives will be provided an opportunity to meet with myself and members of the Technical/Cost Evaluation Team. During the discussion segment they will be asked to discuss the initial deficiencies, weaknesses, and concerns of your proposal.

Oral Presentation Format

The oral presentation shall proceed as follows:

Segment Number Segment Purpose Maximum Allotted Time
1 Offeror will present an overview of capabilities and experience. 45 Minutes – The overview will consist of the Offeror’s understanding and approach to meeting the task requirements, including participating as part of an integrated development team, and meeting performance measures; how proposed personnel’s current experience relates to the requirements of this task; and how the Offeror will manage the contract.
2 Government representatives will convene for the purpose of compiling questions. 20 Minutes – The Government representatives will compile the questions that have evolved from the oral presentation. Also included in this series will be predetermined questions that will be asked of all Offerors.
3 Offeror’s Review of Questions 10 Minutes – The Offeror’s representatives will be given an opportunity to formulate their answers to the Government’s questions.
4 Questions & Answers/Discussions 30 Minutes - The overview will be followed by an interview of the proposed key personnel by the Census Task Manager. The proposed personnel shall explain how their current or past experience relates to this task, and answer Government questions that evolved from the oral presentation.

Each segment shall begin with an introduction by name, position, and company affiliation. Introductions will count towards the time limit. The Government will monitor the allotted time, announcing the start and end of the presentation periods. The Government will not interrupt your presenters to ask questions (except clarification of terms or misheard words) or otherwise engage the presenters in any dialogue during segment one.

Questions and Answer Session

The Government will enter into a question and answer session with your representatives following completion of your oral presentation on cost and technical issues. This discussion period will allow the Government to clarify and discuss information provided in the written proposals and oral presentation, address any weaknesses and deficiencies, and gain additional information concerning your proposal.

Oral Presentation Logistics


Your presentation will be conducted at (Insert Address), Room #(Insert Room Number), Building #(Insert Building Number), City, State. Your representatives will need to contact (Insert Name of Contact) at (Insert Telephone Number) when you arrive for the presentation. In addition, directions to (Insert Site of Oral Presentation) may be obtained by calling the same number.

Authorized Presenters

It is at your discretion as to which presentation personnel present a particular segment. There is a limit of (Insert Number ) presenters within a segment, although there will be no additional time provided for introductions and/or set-up modifications. Please inform us of the number of your representatives who will be attending the Oral Presentation at least (Insert Number) business days prior to your oral presentation.

Presentation Slides/Equipment

The visual aids to be used during the presentation will be limited to simple slides. (excluding handouts). The slides may be the type used with an overhead projector, or may be generated from a multi-media projector. A projector and screen will be made available for the presentation. However, the use of your own projector is authorized. Please inform (Insert Name of Agency Rep.) of your preference.

Please provide (Insert Number) (X) copies of the presentation slides at least (Insert Number)business days prior to your oral presentation.

Handouts at the Oral Presentation

Please provide (Insert Number) copies of any handouts that you intend to distribute at the Oral Presentation at least (Insert Number) business days prior to your oral presentation.


The requested documents and slides are to be delivered to:

Mailing Address:

(Insert Address)
(XXXXXXXXX Proposal)
Telephone #: (XXX) XXXXXXXXX

Delivery Site for Handcarried Documents:

(Insert Address)
(XXXXXXXXX Proposal)
Telephone #: (XXX) XXXXXXXXX

If you have any questions relating to this announcement, please contact the undersigned at (Insert Phone Number), or (Insert Name) at (Insert Phone Number).



(Insert Name)
(Insert Title)

Source: U.S. Census Bureau
Acquisition Division

Last Revised: October 15, 2012