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Attachment 20

Instructions for Submitting Invoices to the Census Bureau

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The Federal Register, Page 52591,Volume 64, No. 188, dated September 29, 1999, requires that submitted invoices must include specific information in order for the Government to make payment. Additionally, the U.S. Census Bureau has supplemented these requirements. Contractors may use Standard Form 1034 Public Voucher for Purchases and Services Other than Personal (Part 53 of the Federal Acquisition Regulation under FAR 53-301-1034) or they may submit a company generated voucher. However, no matter what type of voucher is submitted, it must contain the information described below.


  • Name and Address of Contractor

  • Contact Name, Title and Telephone Number

  • Government Contract Number or Other Authorization for Delivery of Goods or Services

  • Government Task Order Number is required if services are being provided through a task order to the basis contract

  • Date of the Invoice

  • Invoice Number, Account Number, and/or any other identifying number agreed to by the contract (At a minimum there must be an invoice number)

  • Include the Actual date when services were performed or goods delivered.

  • Include the Period of Performance on all invoices.

  • Description Including, for example, contract line/subline number, price, and quality of goods and services rendered.

  • Include discount terms.

  • Other substantiating documentation or information required by the contract.

  • Shipping and Payment Terms (Required unless mutually agreed that this information is only required in the contract Contact the Contracting Officer or Contract Specialist for clarification)

  • Taxpayer Identifying Number (TIN) (Required unless agency procedures provide otherwise.)

  • Address for mailing payment

  • Banking Information such as name and address of bank, routing & account number (Required unless agency procedures provide otherwise, or except in situations where the EFT requirements is waived under 31 CFR, 208.4.) (This information is seldom required, check with the Contracting Officer or Contract Specialist to determine if information is needed.)

  • Other Substantiating Documentation or Information required by the contract

There will also be three statements and signature lines included in the invoice. The wording for these statements are:

I hereby certify, to the best of my knowledge and belief, that the services set forth herein were performed during the period stated above are current, accurate and complete.

__________ ____________________________ ____________________________
(Date) (Title of Contractor Representative) (Signature)

The above statement will be signed by a representative of the Contractor.


I certify that to the best of my knowledge and belief that the services/supplies shown on the invoice have been performed/furnished and are accepted.

__________ ____________________________ ____________________________
(Date) (Title: COTR, Task Manager, etc) (Signature)

The above statement will be signed by a government representative, usually the COTR or a Task Manager with authority to certify.


Pursuant to authority vested in me, I certify that this voucher is correct and proper for payment.

__________ ____________________________ ____________________________
(Date) (Authorized Certifying Official) (Signature)

The above statement will be signed by a government representative who has authority to approve the invoice. The representative signing this statement will be the Contracting Officer when the services are acquired through a fully definitized contract, or the COTR or Task Manager with approving authority if the work is authorized through the simplified acquisition system (purchase order).

If there is insufficient space in the Standard Form 1034 to provide all of the required information, the Contractor may include the remaining information on bond paper. However, if bond paper is used, the contract and task order numbers, invoice number, and date of invoice must be listed at the top of the second and subsequent pages.

An original plus one copy of the voucher will be submitted to:

U.S. Census Bureau
Finance Division (Vouchers)
4700 Silver Hill Road, Stop-4400
Washington D.C. 20233-4400

Some Contractors submit a copy of the voucher to the COTR or Task Manager. However, these government representatives are not required to forward the invoice to Finance nor should they sign the voucher until it routed through Finance.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau
Acquisition Division

Last Revised: October 15, 2012