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National Survey of Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife-Associated Recreation (FHWAR)

Presents microdata records (with any information that might identify a specific person or household removed) on individuals involved in fishing, hunting, and other wildlife-associated recreation, such as wildlife observation, photography, and feeding. Data include state in which these activities occurred; number of trips taken; duration of trips; and expenditures for food, lodging, transportation, and equipment. The survey was conducted by the Census Bureau for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. Department of the Interior, which prepares printed reports in this field.

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Codebooks 2001 2006 2011
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Sportsperson Documentation (FH3) FH3 FH3 FH3
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Errata for Printed Reports

Note: Errata PDFs, which contain a list of errors and corrections, apply only to printed reports. The online reports have been corrected.

2006 - Errata for National Report
2006 - Errata for State Reports
For every state except Hawaii (which did not have sample sizes large enough to report), certain numbers reported
in the printed state reports and in the online versions prior to 11/10/2010 were incorrect for Table 18 (page 36).
The first ten rows ("All Hunting" and "Big Game" categories) were correct, but the amounts reported for "Small Game,"
"Migratory Bird," and "Other Animals" in the "Average per hunter (dollars)" column were incorrect.
2001 - Errata for National Report
2001 - Errata for State Reports

Online Reports

Reports by Year
Report 1991 1996 2001 2006 2011
United States US US US US US
Quick Facts     QF QF QF
Alabama AL AL AL AL AL
Alaska AK AK AK AK   
Arizona AZ AZ AZ AZ  
Arkansas AR AR AR AR  
California CA CA CA CA  
Colorado CO CO CO CO  
Connecticut CT CT CT CT  
Delaware DE DE DE DE   
Florida FL FL FL FL  
Georgia GA GA GA GA  
Hawaii HI HI HI HI  
Idaho ID ID ID ID  
Illinois IL IL IL IL  
Indiana IN IN IN IN  
Iowa IA IA IA IA  
Kansas KS KS KS KS  
Kentucky KY KY KY KY  
Louisiana LA LA LA LA  
Maine ME ME ME ME  
Maryland MD MD MD MD  
Massachusetts MA MA MA MA  
Michigan MI MI MI MI  
Minnesota MN MN MN MN  
Mississippi MS MS MS MS  
Missouri MO MO MO MO  
Montana MT MT MT MT  
Nebraska NE NE NE NE  
Nevada NV NV NV NV  
New Hampshire NH NH NH NH  
New Jersey NJ NJ NJ NJ  
New Mexico NM NM NM NM  
New York NY NY NY NY  
North Carolina NC NC NC NC  
North Dakota ND ND ND ND  
Ohio OH OH OH OH  
Oklahoma OK OK OK OK  
Oregon OR OR OR OR  
Pennsylvania PA PA PA PA  
Rhode Island RI RI RI RI  
South Carolina SC SC SC SC  
South Dakota SD SD SD SD  
Tennessee TN TN TN TN  
Texas TX TX TX TX  
Utah UT UT UT UT  
Vermont VT VT VT VT  
Virginia VA VA VA VA  
Washington WA WA WA WA  
West Virginia WV WV WV WV  
Wisconsin WI WI WI WI  
Wyoming WY WY WY WY  

A CD containing data used to prepare the reports and hard copies of the reports and products still available can be obtained by contacting:

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
NCTC Publication Unit
698 Conservation Way
Shepherdstown, WV 25443
304-876-7203 or e-mail: pubs@fws.gov

Source: U.S. Census Bureau