Codebook for the American Housing Survey, Public Use File: 1997 and later

July 2015


The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Office of Policy Development and Research contracted with Econometrica, Inc. to develop a revised Codebook for the American Housing Survey (AHS) to accompany the release of the public use files (PUFs) from the 2013 AHS surveys.

Updated versions of this Codebook will continue to be released as the AHS is further modified and as more effective ways of presenting current information are found. For such purposes, feedback on the Codebook’s use is both welcomed and appreciated. 

How to Use the Codebook

This Codebook focuses on the AHS as it has been conducted since 1997. The Codebook contains several resources to help users locate information on specific variables and learn more about each subject covered in the survey and the Codebook. Variables are divided into 19 sections based on subject matter. The table of contents lists these sections and the page numbers on which they start. The variable listing in each section is preceded by a summary of what’s available as well as helpful notes for users. An alphabetical listing of variables, section references, and data modules is located after the section on data structure. The Appendices include background information on the AHS, detailed definitions of terms used in the survey, and supplemental information on technical matters important to using the data. In addition, an index is located at the end of the Codebook with page references for every variable and other important topics.

The AHS Codebook provides information about the public use files and includes descriptive information on all of the AHS variables from 1997 to 2013.