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Survey of Construction (SOC)


The Survey of Construction collects data from 72 permit offices each month, and then follows-up with builders until the units are sold or rented.


The Survey of Construction provides information on new private residential construction. This rapidly changing element of our economy must be measured and evaluated regularly.

SOC's primary objective is to provide data for estimating the number of housing units started in places that issue building permits. Another objective of the SOC is to provide data on housing sales. This includes the monthly volume of sales of new single-family houses and the number of unsold new houses on the market, type of financing and characteristics of houses, such as square feet of floor space, number of bedrooms, number of stories, and type of foundation. These data provide facts required for calculating the quarterly price index of new one-family houses sold.

SOC data are then published in the monthly Current Construction Reports, series C20, "Housing Starts". Housing sales information is published in Current Construction Reports, series C25, "New One-Family Houses Sold". Characteristics information is published annually in Current Construction Reports, series C25 "Characteristics of New Housing". SOC also provides data on the number of single-family and multi-family units completed each month. Housing completions information is published in Current Construction Reports, series C22, "Housing Completions".


Interview Period:
Data collection begins on the first of each month and continues through the eighth.
Coverage Area:
All of Alaska, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington.


1 (800) 992-3529

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