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Special Census Program

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2006 Certified Counts for Governmental Units in Iowa

Governmental Unit State Full or Partial Special Census* Special Census Day** Certified Population Count Certified Housing Unit Count
* Full or Partial Special Census indicates whether the entire governmental unit (Full), or a portion of the governmental unit (Partial) was included in the Special Census using current legal boundaries provided by the governmental unit.

** Special Census Day refers to the reference date that enumerators use when conducting interviews with respondents.

Bondurant Iowa Full 09-07-2006 2,951 1,120
Huxley Iowa Partial 07-27-2006 2,035 785
Norwalk Iowa Partial 09-07-2006 2,450 962
Peosta Iowa Full 03-30-2006 1,052 365
Palo Iowa Full 11-30-2006 899 369

The above data includes U.S. Census Bureau certified counts issued for completed Special Censuses conducted in Iowa during 2006.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau | Partnership and Data Services Branch | | Last Revised: August 31, 2012