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Special Census Program

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Certified Counts for Governmental Units in Michigan

Governmental Unit State Full or Partial Special Census* Special Census Day** Certified Population Count Certified Housing Unit Count
* Full or Partial Special Census indicates whether the entire governmental unit (Full), or a portion of the governmental unit (Partial) was included in the Special Census using current legal boundaries provided by the governmental unit.

** Special Census Day refers to the reference date that enumerators use when conducting interviews with respondents.

New Baltimore city Michigan Full 05-12-2004 11,110 4,445
Sawyer AFB Michigan Full 09-09-2004 5,791 3,807

The above data includes U.S. Census Bureau certified counts issued for completed Special Censuses conducted during the 2000 decade in Michigan. This table is regularly updated as additional Special Censuses are completed.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau | Partnership and Data Services Branch | | Last Revised: August 31, 2012