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Statistics in Schools

2010 Census

2010 Census in schools - its about us

What's New for the 2010 Census?

The Census in Schools program: It's About Us

The U.S. Census Bureau has created a Census in Schools program called 2010 Census: It's About Us. The program will provide educators with resources to teach the nation's students about the importance of the census so children can help deliver this message to their families. The program will engage America's youth to help ensure every child and every household member is counted in 2010. Full Fact Sheet [PDF]

2010 Census form


Completing the 2010 Census Questionnaire: Easy, Important, and Confidential

2010 Census Questionnaire [PDF]

How communities benefit from the Census

2010 Census Timeline: Key Dates

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Fall 2008: Recruitment begins for local census jobs for early census operations.
Spring 2009: Census employees go door-to-door to update address list nationwide.
Fall 2009: Recruitment begins for census takers needed for peak workload in 2010.
February - March 2010: Census questionnaires are mailed or delivered to households.
April 1, 2010: Census Day
April - July 2010: Census takers visit households that did not return a questionnaire by mail.
December 2010: By law, Census Bureau delivers population counts to the President for apportionment.
Source: U.S. Census Bureau | Office of External Engagement (OEE) | 1-301-763-6590 | Last Revised: April 13, 2012