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PRELIMINARY results presented here should be used with caution, because they are based on data that have been edited only minimally and because appropriate weights for longitudinal analysis that account for sample attrition have not yet been developed. These results are provided here to give analysts a preliminary view of the data as they become familiar with the dataset. The results should not be treated as national estimates. They are normalized counts derived by using a multiplier for each person in the SPD which was computed by dividing a preliminary cross-sectional weight for that person by the average preliminary cross-sectional weight for all persons in the SPD. This procedure provides analysts with approximate sample distributions with which to examine and compare data from the SIPP and SPD calendar year distributions.

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Data Tables from the 97 SPD

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Contact: (dsd.survey.program.dynamics@census.gov)
URL: http://www.census.gov/spd/


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