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Using Administrative Record Persons in the 1996 Community Census

Elizabeth M. Sweet

KEY WORDS: Administrative Records; Coverage Measurement


Names and characteristics from administrative records are a possible source of people missed in the Census. The 1996 Community Census is using administrative record persons in the CensusPlus estimation process. Federal, state and local level files will be used to obtain administrative record persons for the 1996 Community Census. During the coverage measurement phase of this test, which is conducted via a personal interview, it is possible for an interviewer to ask residence questions about one or more administrative record persons thought to be living in that housing unit. Documented in this paper are: (1) the amount of duplication between the administrative records and the census enumeration; (2) the quality of the administrative records persons by source; and (3) available information on the sensitivity surrounding administrative records persons.

CITATION: 1997,"Using Administrative Record Persons in the 1996 Community Census." Forthcoming in proceedings of the Section on Survey Research Methods, Alexandria, VA: American Statistical Association, pp. 000-000.

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