X-13ARIMA-SEATS Seasonal Adjustment Program

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Win X-12

Win X-12 is a Windows interface for X-12-ARIMA Version 0.3.

This interface will:

  • Create the input files necessary for seasonally adjusting a series with X-12-ARIMA.
  • Run X-12-ARIMA and display the output files.
  • Create a data table with model information and diagnostics from series run in X-12-ARIMA.
  • Create graphs from X-12-ARIMA output.

This site contains distribution files and installation instructions for Version 2.0 of Win X-12, officially released in March 2011. Documentation for the program is also available.

The program is designed to work with Version 0.3 of X-12-ARIMA. If you wish to run earlier versions of X-12, such as Version 0.2.10, we would strongly urge you to upgrade to the most recent version of X-12-ARIMA. If for some reason you cannot, contact the person listed under Support below.


Questions about downloading or installing the program? Please contact Demetra Lytras:

email: demetra.p.lytras@census.gov
phone: (301) 763-7426

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