X-13ARIMA-SEATS Seasonal Adjustment Program

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Win X-13 & X-13-Data

Win X-13

Win X-13 is a Windows interface for the X-13ARIMA-SEATS program.

This interface will:

  • Create the input files necessary for seasonally adjusting a series with X-13ARIMA-SEATS.
  • Run X-13ARIMA-SEATS and display the output files.
  • Create a data table with model information and diagnostics from series run in X-13ARIMA-SEATS.
  • Create graphs from X-13ARIMA-SEATS output.

This site contains distribution files and installation instructions for Version 2.3 of Win X-13, officially released in April 2015. Documentation for the program is also available.

New features in this release include:

  • The capability to run spec files directly from the File Viewer.
  • Colored comments in the File Viewer.
  • A new graph of the forecasts in the Java graphs.
  • A new option on the main screen to view/not view graphs, even when running in graphics mode.
  • The ability to save the diagnostics table to XML and to read the XML file back into the diagnostics window.

This release also includes bug fixes and more error checking, and is compiled on a newer version of the .NET Framework; see Section 2 for more details.

Win X-13 was designed to run X-13ARIMA-SEATS and X-12-ARIMA Version 0.3. Not all features will work if using previous versions of X-12-ARIMA. Win X-13 does not support the HTML converter used to convert output files to HTML in the X-12-ARIMA program.

If you wish to run Version 0.3 of X-12-ARIMA, you may also wish to consider using the latest version of the Win X-12 program. If you are using an earlier version of X-12-ARIMA, such as Version 0.2.10, we strongly urge you to upgrade to Version 0.3. If for some reason you cannot upgrade, contact the person listed under Support below.


Questions about downloading or installing the Win X-13 program? Please contact Demetra Lytras:

email: demetra.p.lytras@census.gov
phone: (301) 763-7426



X-13-Data is a tool that can:

  • Convert data from Microsoft Excel to a text file in datevalue format that X-13ARIMA-SEATS can read.
  • Convert X-13ARIMA-SEATS output files in x12save format to a Microsoft Excel file.

The most recent release contains a redesigned user interface for converting X-13ARIMA-SEATS output to Microsoft Excel, allowing users to convert multiple output files into a single Excel file.

With this update, users will now be able to:

  • Convert multiple X-13ARIMA-SEATS output files to a single Microsoft Excel file.
  • Create worksheets organized by series or by file type.
  • Select file types by description or file extension.
  • Select series output to convert from a list of series or list of metafiles (text files often used in X-13ARIMA-SEATS containing a list of series).
  • Customize the order of the selection list of file types to make selecting frequently used file types easier.

X-13-Data now supports the following data frequencies for converting both from Excel to X-13ARIMA-SEATS and from X-13ARIMA-SEATS to Excel: annual, biannual, quarterly, bimonthly, and monthly.

This site contains distribution files and installation instructions for Version 2.0 of X-13-Data, officially released in April 2015. Documentation for the program is also available.


For support with X-13-Data, please contact Nicole Czaplicki:

email: nicole.czaplicki@census.gov
phone: (301) 763-6206

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