X-13ARIMA-SEATS Seasonal Adjustment Program

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Installing X-13-Graph

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Installing the X-13-Graph Batch Windows Interface:

Users with older versions of Windows may need to install the Microsoft .NET Framework Version 3.5 Link to a non-federal Web site to use the interface. If it is not found on your computer, you will be prompted to download and install it when you attempt to install the interface.

To install the program, first unzip the file x13gbi_V2.2.zip to your computer. This zip folder has a directory (x13gbi) which contains two files, the program executable x13GraphBatch.exe and its configuration file, x13GraphBatch.exe.config, as well as a subdirectory appl containing the necessary data sets and catalogs for the X-13-Graph SAS program to run. To start the program, double click on x13GraphBatch.exe.

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Installing the Batch Version of X-13-Graph:

Before you can use X-13-Graph, you must copy it to your computer:

  1. Copy the zip file x13gbat_V2.1.zip to the C drive of your computer.
  2. Double Click on x13gbat_V2.1.zip in Windows® Explorer to uncompress the files. The files will be stored in the c:\x13graph subdirectory.

X-13-Graph Batch consists of a SAS program, a subdirectory with two SAS files, and an images subdirectory, as well as the program documentation. After uncompressing x13gbat_V2.1.zip, the following files should be in the c:\x13graph directory:


The c:\x13graph\appl directory should contain the following files:


There should also be a directory c:\x13graph\images containing examples of the graphs that can be created.

The two SAS files in the appl subdirectory must be in that directory for the program to run. The SAS program x13gbat.sas can be stored in any directory.

SAS and SAS/GRAPH software are registered trademarks of the SAS Institute Inc. in the USA and other countries. ® indicates USA registration.

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