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Census 2000 Disc Compilations

Separate software version CD-ROM disc(s) were released for each state shortly after that state's data was officially released. The CD-ROM disc products are ideal for those with a time sensitive need for data for a specific state and want to use the functionality provided by the software on disc.

Some time after the last state was released for a specific Summary File, a DVD-ROM disc product containing the entire set of states was released. The DVD-ROM disc products are sold at a fraction of the cost of purchasing multiple states on CD-ROM discs. Separate compilation DVD-ROM disc products are also available for those wanting a set of the original ASCII text data files. The DVD-ROM disc products are currently created in formats up to and including double sided DVD-9 format.

Also see Census 2000 disc product catalog entries and the main Census 2000 technical support page for more information.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau | Administrative and Customer Services Division | (301) 763-7710 |  Last Revised: February 13, 2013