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Monthly Retail Sales & Seasonal Factors 1992 - 2006 (Adjusted)* Prior to the 2006 Sample Revision

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Kind of business - Data in Millions of DollarsKind of business -- Data in Millions of Dollars
o Retail and Food Services, total o Total (excl. Motor Vehicle)
o Retail, total o Retail (excl Motor Vehicle and Parts Dealers)
o Motor Vehicle & Parts Dealers o Auto, other Motor Vehicle
o Furniture & Homefurnishing o Electronics & Appl. Stores
o Building Material Garden/Supply Dealers o Food & Beverage Stores
o Grocery Stores o Health & Personal Stores
o Gasoline Stations o Clothing and Accessory Stores
o Sporting Goods, Hobby, Book & Music o General Merchandise Stores
o Dept. Stores (ex. leased depts) o Misc. Stores Retailers Total
o Nonstore Retailers Total o Foodservice & Drinking Places

* Sales data are adjusted for seasonal, holiday, and trading-day differences, but not for price changes. Click HERE for more on adjustment factors.

Note: To obtain annual data, go to the Annual Retail Sales page.

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Source: U. S. Census Bureau 
        Service Sector Statistics Division
Last Revised: November 30, 2006